Wednesday 9 November 2022

The Storm Shall Pass

There was a severe thunder-storm.

The day seemed like night.

There was no electricity.

She could barely see anything.

Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

The tree in the backyard crashed on her cottage.

There was dust everywhere.

Strong winds were on her face.

She fainted...


"Now, slowly open your eyes..."

Thursday 3 November 2022

The Dream Car

Everyone in their neighbourhood owned a car. 

Little Eva too owned one- a small old toy-car.

Eva always dreamt of cars.

But, they were so poor…

Even if they did get a car, paying for the fuel would be a challenge.

Eva’s dream car just used air as fuel!

While others built "castles in the air", Eva built cars in the air!

Photo Prompt- Brenda Cox

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