Tuesday 31 August 2021

My Maiden Tanka

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry. There are five lines in this type of poem.

Though I had heard of the term before, I did not have the chance to explore this form previously. 

Did so thanks to the Tanka contest opportunity by Blogchatter.

It was great to read the Tankas of Kamala Ramesh.

I tried reading up more about Tanka. Here are some of my lines as my maiden creation.

Hope you like my five Tankas presented below:


that sea beckoned me
my pitcher was not enough
needy and greedy 
more pitchers to gather stuff 
from the deep vast knowledge sea


felt I am ugly
they said continuously
I saw the mirror
myself for the first time
saw the goddess of beauty


stop being a bull 
they taunt me everyday 
I make my choice
sensible bull with voice
am bullish about life 


filled with ecstasy
feast my eyes on my love 
the dead cannot touch 
I want to spell and express... 
unspoken words weigh so much


the target was hit
my enemy danced with glee
saw blood on my hand 
I fell flat struck suddenly 
after killing enemy


Which Tanka did you like best?
Please do share your comments.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

The Key House

"That's really not fair!"

"All my husband gets is this old country house, while grandfather leaves his posh city apartment for hubby's younger brother!" 

Liz was upset.

"I have many memories attached with this home. Grandpa knew," Mike said fondly caressing his grandfather's framed photograph. 

"I always knew I would inherit this ever since he had handed me this box a decade ago." 

In the antique silver-box were the most exquisite keys Liz had ever seen.

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