Wednesday 18 August 2021

The Key House

"That's really not fair!"

"All my husband gets is this old country house, while grandfather leaves his posh city apartment for hubby's younger brother!" 

Liz was upset.

"I have many memories attached with this home. Grandpa knew," Mike said fondly caressing his grandfather's framed photograph. 

"I always knew I would inherit this ever since he had handed me this box a decade ago." 

In the antique silver-box were the most exquisite keys Liz had ever seen.

Using one to unlock, they could behold treasures galore! 

Photo Prompt- Lisa Fox

"These are worth millions!"

"This is just one room; more vaults and rooms to explore!"

100 Words fiction for Friday Fictioneers

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Do you accept everything that comes your way? 

Do share in the comments below.


  1. There was method in Grandpa's madness

  2. That's the kind of inheritance we'd all like to get. Very imaginative story.

  3. Very adventurous treasure story. I like that, well done, Anita.

  4. Grandpa knew what he was doing.

  5. Sounds like the start of a netflix movie!

  6. I can see those elaborate keys in my mind. A wonderful jackpot they've hit. Grandpa is smiling from heaven.

  7. There's more to that inheritance that initially met the eye!

  8. There's always another side to things.

  9. Just goes to show you shouldn't judge the inheritance by the cover.

  10. Dear Anita,

    Those keys are quite the inheritance. I do believe things happen for a reason.



  11. He'd better not let his brother know what he lost out on!

  12. Interesting - cant wait to find what is in the other rooms

  13. Well, since you asked, no. I do not believe everything happens for a reason. If that were so, then wh or what decides the reason for whatever action or set of circumstances? Sometimes, things just happen. Last night we had severe winds, with a couple of tornadoes just a couple of towns down the road. Blew our yard light about 20 degrees off kilter. No reason. It's just the weather in PA this time of year.

    Nine years ago this month, my husband fell from a ladder and crushed his left heel bone. It hurts him every single day. Who came up with that particularly malicious "reason," and what WAS the reason? Did he do something horrible to deserve such an awful result? Nope. He was cleaning our gutters, and he fell. Things just happen. We torture ourselves trying to figure out the "why" of a lot of things in life, and it leads to a great deal of unrealistic guilt, anxiety, and depression.

    Well, that was probably more than you expected or wanted :) It was a great story :)

  14. There's always a reason for everything. We can learn from these happenings and grow.
    I think grandpa was generous after all. I wonder why inheritors expect anything when
    a relative dies. In death as in life, it's their treasures to administer as they wish. No one should
    question anothers choices.
    Have a safe weekend ...
    Isadora ��


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