Sunday 30 April 2017

Yes We Can Plant Trees #AToZChallenge

The Weeping Cedar Woman of Tofino in Vancouver Island,
Sheds tears as forests are under threat from (in)human hand.
What right do we have to harm what we didn’t grow?
Her out-stretched hand conveys what we already know-
Source: Poetry Pantry

Saturday 29 April 2017

Xerox The Good Times #AToZChallenge

How we wish the good times to last!
But, time seems to run pretty fast!

If only there was a way to store...
Would fill boxes, bottles & more!

But, a bottle of happiness is not for sale,
Enjoy the good times without fail

Xerox the good times- they are wealth!
Replay them to be in the pink of health!

Life is uncertain & can burst like a bubble.
When we xerox the goodness, we double!

Do you wish to xerox the good times?

Thursday 27 April 2017

Worst Is Over #AToZChallenge

When worries don't seem to end,
Things aren't as per your plan,
Life takes a surprise sharp bend,
Much happens in a short timespan...

Just believe all will be well,
This too shall pass, you'll see!
Heavenly days for you after hell!
Why drown in unwanted misery?

Dark nights are followed by days;
Tiring days by soothing nights.
For dreams now make space!
Also time to bask in the lights.

Whatever happens is God's plan really.
What, Why, When, Which- don't bother.
The best is on its way for you & me.
Learn & march ahead; The worst is over!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Virgin Victim #AToZChallenge

The air was still & grave,
Drenched in emotional wave...

I wept for her lost virginity...
Cursing shady elements from city.

Insensitive anti-social act,
Rebel rapists without tact...

Plucky victim lost worth-
Ex-virgin land(s) of Planet Earth,

All requesting solution-
Stop mindlessly causing pollution.

How do you feel when you find pollution in virgin lands? Why should the victim suffer, while those responsible roam scot-free?

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. V For - Virgin, Victim
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Note- This is a 44 words poem. Here the term 'Virgin Victim' refers to Planet Earth's virgin lands that have lost their virginity owing to humans. The term also denotes rape victims. Virginity is sacred. Hope its sanctity is maintained.

Also linking with-
dVerse Poets- Quadrille 
Three Word Wednesday - Pluck, Rebel, Shady
ABC Wednesday- P for Pollution, Plucky

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Underdog #AToZChallenge

Top Dog & Underdog were at their best,
The competition was their acid test.

The crowd jeered for their favourite;
The Underdog felt left out in the fight.

Monday 24 April 2017

Time To Think #AToZChallenge

Many times we lament & complain-
There's no time even to stare or think.
We long to revisit the past again...
Time has simply passed by in a blink...

Saturday 22 April 2017

Simplicity #AtoZChallenge

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

In this world that's after hi-fi status, brand & personality,
What are the survival prospects of plain simplicity?

Being simple & adhering to simplicity can backfire?
Is being simple silly & not seen as an object of desire?

Friday 21 April 2017

Ready To Dance #AToZChallenge

I am Ready to Dance when-
- I hear a peppy song!
- Things don't go wrong!
- I'm healthy & strong!
- I don't miss the alarm dong!
- Waiting-time in Queue isn't long :)

Thursday 20 April 2017

Don't Quit #AToZChallenge

When life is terrible & seems quite a pain;
You're overburdened with stress & strain;
Nothing's right, no matter what you do;
How to approach life, you have no clue...

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Princess To Queen #AToZChallenge

"Walk straight & tall; Sit properly,
Don't burp or slurp; Eat nicely; 
Take care of your body & face;
Carry yourself with grace...
👸 👑
Don't climb a tree or ride a bike;
Behave well; Be prim & lady-like.
Don't argue or raise your voice;
You're a Princess- you've no choice..."
👸 👑
Supposed-to-be Queen after princess,
Felt like a pawn on a board of Chess!
Despite this, she had a mind of her own.
They couldn't set her life's tune or tone.
👸 👑

Tuesday 18 April 2017

On The Way #AToZChallenge

Life is a strange one-way journey...
Many people & places on the way.
Those that get along with you & me,
May have last meeting with us today.

Every person or incident has a purpose,
It's for us to study, analyse & recognize.
Great experiences with highs & lows,
Good spirit & attitude on the way is wise.

Are you happy with life everyday?
Are you learning & enjoying on the way?
Or do you have angry words to say?
Do share about your experiences on the way!

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. O For - On, One 
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Also linking with - ABCWednesday

New Life #AToZChallenge

The pool looked refreshing & cool.

But, to plunge into it, I didn't dare.

I was reviewing the rules of that school!

I maintained a safe distance there.

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Sunday 16 April 2017

Magical World #AToZChallenge

When we were first introduced, love struck me.
It was the starting of a lifelong affair & romance...
Then, I realized there were more of the kind-
Romantic, Philosophical, Movies & Travel fans.

I loved each one, one at a time, exclusively one-to-one,
When I felt done with one, I moved on & settled down-
Picked a new friend; changing another partner was fun!
Spent some nights & days with this friend for company.
wow drop in the ocean

Friday 14 April 2017

Little Again #AToZChallenge

How strange is life with its ups & downs!
Lessons to learn with smiles & frowns...

How our wants & needs change along the way!
But, what'll happen tomorrow no one can say...

When we are little, we can't wait to grow-up soon!
The idea of being 'big' & 'matured' makes us swoon.

Time waves its wand with its quota of age & pain...
Many grown-ups realize- they wanna be little again!
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Thursday 13 April 2017

Kiss Of Life #AToZChallenge

The kiss of life is so sudden & strange,
It implants itself on those in its range!
It just grabs asking no one's consent.
For being alive, we need to pay rent!

Each of us is an object of life's desire!
Kiss & say goodbye only when we retire.
Life kisses us in so many different ways,
Do you shudder or welcome its days?

Our souls aim for salvation- the bliss.
On its path, no one can miss life's kiss.
Many kisses of many lives for you & me,
Our actions are shaping our destiny...

Does the kiss of life take you by surprise?
After each kiss, do you feel silly or wise?
When life kisses, are you taken aback?
Do you willingly or grudgingly kiss it back?

Do share your views about the kiss of life.

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. K For - Kiss
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Using the Billboard song from 1976 - "Kiss & Say Goodbye" for dVerse -oldies but goodies no matter what the age.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Just Now #AToZChallenge

Finding me under a huge load, Life asked,
"When will you complete your lists & tasks?"
"Tomorrow or the day after, or the weekend,
If only some extra time, time would lend!"

When I answered this, in a jiffy Time appeared!
"Are you out of your mind or joking?" Time jeered!
"I gift the same number of seconds to everyone!
It's upto you whether you work hard or have fun.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

I Am Important #AToZChallenge

They said- "You are a garbage-bin.
You can only attract filth & sin.
You are idiotic; you have no talent."
I decided- "I am important."

They hurled abuses, threw refuse,
Treated me like gross stale news.
I still held onto my nature innocent.
I decided- "I am important."

They filled me to the brim;
And when things got really grim,
The garbage-van was sent...
I decided- "I am important."

It was interesting to see,
How I got cleaned thoroughly!
No more stinking content!
I decided- "I am important."

Do you feel Garbage-bins are important? Do you feel you are important?

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. I For - I, Important, Innocent, Interesting
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Monday 10 April 2017

Happiness Is... #AToZChallenge

Happiness is-
Warm smiles & family & friends by our side,
Honesty & integrity & no haunted secrets to hide!

Happiness is-
Feeling blessed & contented & feeling great,
Blissful awareness, positivity & celebratory state.

Happiness is-
Enjoying every moment & life's roller-coaster ride!
No gloomy thoughts; rather intense joy bonafide!

Happiness is-
Hope, Friendship, Food, Fun, Peace, Laughter, Smiles...
All that matter & raise the happiness-index across miles.

Happiness is-
Love for life & like fragrance must be spread far & wide!
Ours to earn & own if to choose happiness we decide!

What does happiness mean to you? 
If you liked this, you may like my other poem about Happiness- A Bottle Of Happiness

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. H For -Happiness, Hope, Honesty
My Theme is- Poems About Life.
Also Linking with-
Three Word Wednesday- Gloomy, Haunted, Intense

Saturday 8 April 2017

Grudge Me Not #AToZChallenge

Whatever I say or do for you is just not right,
Everything about me fills you with spite.
Okay, so you hate me & my ways totally,
When I'm there, you wish I wasn't actually!

You may wish me away, but I'm always found!
As you think of me even when I'm not around!
Are you still holding a grudge against me?
You are letting me live in your head rent-free!

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Friday 7 April 2017

Fear Of Failure #AToZChallenge

Does the fear of failure impale?
Do you never want to fail?
Face your fears without fear.
Success is not far; it is near.

Failures will lead to success,
They're opportunities that bless!
Feel free to fall & fail without fear.
Build yourself; use your top gear!

Thursday 6 April 2017

Exams #AToZChallenge

Everyday in life, exams we encounter,
Each has a different & unique question-paper.
Better not to compare with one another,
Questions are different, so are the answers!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Dream #AToZChallenge

Dreams don't cost anything at all.
It's hard work that demands its due.
Dreams need work, else they'll fall.
Takes courage to fulfill dreams new.

If we simply sleep & dream, who'll work?
Key is to dream big, work & achieve.
Dare not to shirk; responsibilities lurk.
Dare to dream; you'll succeed if you believe!

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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Champion of Champions #AToZChallenge

I was at my motivated best but still lost,
Like usual, I played my moves carefully, 
But, my skills, earned & used at great cost,
Couldn't win me the champion's cup actually.

Life is an interesting & serious game with rules,
And sometimes, info/guides there are none...
Do you know who has all the winning tools? 
Who is the champion - the best under the sun? 

Monday 3 April 2017

Beautiful Lie #AToZChallenge

Life is a beautiful lie or a truth?
Why the race for beauty is on?
Beauty is skin-deep or uncouth?
Is all this a divine ploy to con?

Do you feel life is a beautiful lie?
At times, nothing seems real or right?
Do you too ask- 'how, what, when, why'?
Do life's challenges give you a fright?

Saturday 1 April 2017

Angry #AToZChallenge

Why do you get angry at someone who is angry with you?
Why to control one's emotions one hasn't any clue?

Erupting like a volcano means spewing lava molten,
Do you feel your anger will make you gain?

Does your anger dazzle & make you feel in control?
Have you ever tried holding a burning coal?
"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
   -   Gautama Buddha

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