Saturday, 29 April 2017

Xerox The Good Times #AToZChallenge

How we wish the good times to last!
But, time seems to run pretty fast!

If only there was a way to store...
Would fill boxes, bottles & more!

But, a bottle of happiness is not for sale,
Enjoy the good times without fail

Xerox the good times- they are wealth!
Replay them to be in the pink of health!

Life is uncertain & can burst like a bubble.
When we xerox the goodness, we double!

Do you wish to xerox the good times?


  1. Every day is filled with goodness, and because I think that way, every day is filled with goodness. Anything else is temporary and a mild irritant, soon replaced with more good times.

  2. Wonderfully said, Anita, xeroxing the goodness doubles it :)

  3. So true, we all want the goodtimes to double. But, seems to have forgotten the way to unlock the photocopier!

    TC and keep smiling :-)


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