Saturday 29 April 2017

Xerox The Good Times #AToZChallenge

How we wish the good times to last!
But, time seems to run pretty fast!

If only there was a way to store...
Would fill boxes, bottles & more!

But, a bottle of happiness is not for sale,
Enjoy the good times without fail

Xerox the good times- they are wealth!
Replay them to be in the pink of health!

Life is uncertain & can burst like a bubble.
When we xerox the goodness, we double!

Do you wish to xerox the good times?


  1. Every day is filled with goodness, and because I think that way, every day is filled with goodness. Anything else is temporary and a mild irritant, soon replaced with more good times.

  2. Wonderfully said, Anita, xeroxing the goodness doubles it :)

  3. So true, we all want the goodtimes to double. But, seems to have forgotten the way to unlock the photocopier!

    TC and keep smiling :-)

  4. I think happiness is need to bottle it, we have but to open our eyes to see the gifts given freely. May not be exactly what you wished for, but they are many.

  5. Good advice about xeroxing the good times and doubling.

  6. Cool idea, xeroxing the goodness. Writing it in poems is a good way to remember them too.

  7. Be sure to enjoy while it lasts... I think that is a great advice.

  8. Yes, for as long as possible ~

  9. We can find joy by reliving, remembering or duplicating the good times. I like the idea of xeroxing them. And I'm sure I have not read a poem in my lifetime with the word "xerox" in it. Nice!

  10. I agree with you. Very cool.

  11. Smiling I am this morning, reading your post. Xerox the happiness.......oh my yes.....and make many many copies please! :)

  12. love this! in my mind now there are bottled of coloured happy days, mcuh joy from your words


Your words mean a lot to me.

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