Wednesday 26 April 2017

Virgin Victim #AToZChallenge

The air was still & grave,
Drenched in emotional wave...

I wept for her lost virginity...
Cursing shady elements from city.

Insensitive anti-social act,
Rebel rapists without tact...

Plucky victim lost worth-
Ex-virgin land(s) of Planet Earth,

All requesting solution-
Stop mindlessly causing pollution.

How do you feel when you find pollution in virgin lands? Why should the victim suffer, while those responsible roam scot-free?

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. V For - Virgin, Victim
My Theme is- Poems About Life.

Note- This is a 44 words poem. Here the term 'Virgin Victim' refers to Planet Earth's virgin lands that have lost their virginity owing to humans. The term also denotes rape victims. Virginity is sacred. Hope its sanctity is maintained.

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  1. I liked your poem with rhyming couplets. I agree that the victim should not be further victimized.

  2. I like how you put this together

  3. Sadly big business with governemnt support are doing this thoughout the world where conservation reserves and significant natural areas are being slowly polluted and for short term gain but rarely for those that need it. It is very important that even the small voices of poets are in the fight to stop it as well.

  4. Sad when people destroy the serenity of a place just for fun. Nice poem.

  5. Beautifully penned. All prompts so well gelled :)

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  6. I am horrified by how many governments treat the victims and the criminals... many times it is hard to keep faith in justice being done, right seems wrong more often

  7. Beautiful poem - it evokes emotion on both counts of lost virginity.

  8. I can't stand it when I'm taking in a grand view and a stranger pulls up and says something like "This is where I'd put my hotel."

  9. I agree that rape is a heinous crime but virginity is not sacred, in my opinion. I couldn’t get the idea of Virgin Mary. The very statement makes every married woman a sinner.

  10. We're in a heap of trouble.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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