Thursday, 6 April 2017

Exams #AToZChallenge

Everyday in life, exams we encounter,
Each has a different & unique question-paper.
Better not to compare with one another,
Questions are different, so are the answers!

We are tested by every examination,
The invigilators gauge our preparation.
Sometimes 'marks' or grades are instant,
Sometimes in the future not so distant.

Do we feel equipped to give our best?
Are we ready to appear every test with zest?
Do we learn and add to our knowledge's chest?
Prepared to take a tougher version of the test?

How do you deal with the exams in life? Please do share.

I'm participating in my maiden #AToZChallenge. E For - Exams, Everyday, Encounter, Equipped
My Theme is- Poems About Life.


  1. Checking in from the A to Z Challenge. I got a little bit of anxiety just reading this poem. Exams are tough but I am usually over-prepared for them because of test anxiety. Wow, good use of the word 'invilgator'.

    1. The every word is enough to cause anxiety!
      Being over-prepared is great! Thanks :)

  2. My experience with the exams that life gives us... the questions are always "out of the book"! :P
    Hehe! Loved how you wrote that! :)
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

    1. Yes, we do struggle when many questions are out of the syllabus & there are no hints for many exams in life :)
      Thank you! Happy AtoZing!

  3. If there is an award for the worst kind of preparation, I will win it, for sure! :) I loved how you wrote about exams and life! :)
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    1. I'm sure you were a good student :)
      Thanks Shalz!

  4. Everything in life in an exam. Glad there is no pattern and we are free to give it our own way. Loved how you have written about exams in a different context.


    1. Yes Swathi. No pattern & freedom. But, there's scoring that we earn in some form or another...

  5. From a teacher's point of view, exams are a necessary evil. I've had to take a written one recently, and no matter how much you prepare, the nerves will always be there and you can only hope that your preparation is enough to see you through.


    -Ria (visiting from the A to Z Challenge :D)

    1. Truly Ria. Right preparation can see us through. We can emerge with flying colours!
      Teachers have to work hard in correcting & scoring answer-sheets.

  6. I love the twist on exams here. All of life is testing us everyday. There's no pass or fail except in our own minds

    1. Life tests us every moment. We may score ourselves Pass/Fail,but the world is also judging :)


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