Wednesday 20 April 2022

You Own The Crown

They do not know what you've done or what you do.

They have never met or known you & have no clue. 

They have no idea of your causes or the reasons,

Still, they are your expert judges in all the seasons!

They instantly pronounce you guilty in their court!

They resolutely, blindly, obsequiously, & unfairly support-

The party whom they know or who has them engaged.

Just the ambience is needed for their drama to be staged! 

Tuesday 12 April 2022

What Will Happen?

What will happen if I write no words or post?

If my blog is calm like the deep sea without waves?

Will anyone bother; or just treat like a ghost?

Does anyone ever miss the light inside caves? 

To acknowledge light, one must have known its absence.

For those who love darkness, what importance has light?

'The blind men and the elephant' could not make sense-

As they never understood the real worth and value it right.

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