Tuesday 12 April 2022

What Will Happen?

What will happen if I write no words or post?

If my blog is calm like the deep sea without waves?

Will anyone bother; or just treat like a ghost?

Does anyone ever miss the light inside caves? 

To acknowledge light, one must have known its absence.

For those who love darkness, what importance has light?

'The blind men and the elephant' could not make sense-

As they never understood the real worth and value it right.

What will happen if we just leave the things as they are?

Why not tactfully be a part of the smart and selfish crowd?

Why bother & take care when at the end all inflict scar?

What will happen if we are silent & choose never to be loud?

Some things happen as some people make it happen-

Of course by the grace of the power & force divine...

If doers don't do what they do; rather ask- what'll happen?

Many issues and works will never cross the finish-line!

Dedicated to all change-agents, who do what is needed to be done...

They voluntarily do; even when there is no motivation or cheer.

The doers sacrifice a lot & trudge the path that's arduous & no fun.

What ultimately happens is because of the action that is sacred & dear.

What do you feel? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Good questions and excellent sentiments!

    1. PS I left a message for you at the P&SU blog but will say it here too just in case – your link there did not lead to this post, but luckily you left a comment so I was able to trace you by that and fix your link. However, people may have tried and given up, so if you don't get many readers this time, that could be why.

  2. What will happen? Nothing will happen. The doers are the gainers or losers. Lovely lines.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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