Monday 21 March 2022

A To Z Twitter Rasagola #TwitterRasagola

For this year's April A2Z theme, I had been planning some topics. 

My last year's theme was #RasagolaA2Z where I had shared posts about Rasagola. 

Rasagola is a delectable dessert that originated in Odisha, India. The main ingredients are cottage-cheese and sugar-syrup. 

Also called and pronounced in several different ways viz. Rasgulla, Rasagula, Rasogolla, Rosogolla etc., Rasagola is called the 'King of Sweets'.

We have been celebrating a day for Rasagola or Rasagola Day as- "Rasagola Dibasa #RasagolaDibasa" on social media from 2015 Nabakalebara Ratha Yatra onwards. 

It helped in creating awareness about the connection of Rasagola with Odisha and also about the centuries-old ritual- Niladri Bije of Odisha. Our celebration and promotion also generated interest for the Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

Odisha earned the GI tag for "Odisha Rasagola" on July 29, 2019.
The following image from Google Trends shows the spike in the search for Rasagola on the same dates

From 2014 onwards, I have shared a number of blog posts and articles about Rasagola and Geographical Indications (GI).

However, more awareness is needed as there is still a lot of misinformation and lack of information.

Yesterday, March 20, was Pakhala Dibasa - a day to celebrate an Odia dish named Pakhala.

One of the responses to a tweet about starting celebration of #ChhenapodaDibasa was-

"...we can also start RASOGOLA DIVAS."

"...we can also start RASOGOLA DIVAS" implies- 

Many Odias staying in Odisha, and despite being active users of social media, are still not aware about celebration of a day for Rasagola and that #RasagolaDibasa is being celebrated from 2015 and this year 2022 marks the 8th celebration and the 7th anniversary.

Even now, many people are yet to learn of Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha's sweet gift - Rasagolas- for His wife, Maa Lakshmi on Niladri Bije.

More information needs to be shared so that all can be aware.

Twitter has a wealth of information and allows a platform for connection.

Many tweets about Rasagola, Rasgulla, Rosogolla etc have been created with much effort and shared over the years, and most tweets about this sweet have been after March 18, 2015 onwards after celebration of the maiden #RasagolaDibasa i.e. "Rasgulla Day" online was discussed and initiated by this writer on Twitter

Many of us have either been a part of or missed Rasgulla conversations that deserve attention and sharing.

Twitter Rasagola #TwitterRasagola is an attempt to- 

- research and document Rasagola references from Twitter

- share some images, debates, and information about Twitter Rasagola 

- discuss about Rasagola on Twitter with the aim to #EndRasgullaDebate

Please share your favourite tweets about Rasagola - or Rosogolla, Rasagulla, Rasgulla etc. for inclusion in our study, discussion, and publication.

More Rasagola posts here.

This is my 6th #AprilAToZChallenge. 

I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z.


  1. Oo, I do enjoy some yummy cold, rasgulla's!
    I understand this was the theme for last year, what are you writing this year??
    Looking forward to read your posts!

  2. Interested to know what will be your theme this year.

  3. And that just made me crave for some rasgullas <3

  4. Anything sweet is OK with me..... and why not rasagola

  5. Amazing web log and really fascinating stuff you bought here! I positively learned plenty from reading through a number of your earlier posts in addition and set to drop a discuss this one!


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