Sunday 6 March 2022

Waterfall Looks Like A Woman

Our world never fails to amaze! 

Always ready to explore whenever I see an amazing place! 

Can you see the image of a woman wearing a white dress? 

She looks like a brideπŸ‘°, doesn’t she? 

Waterfall Looks Like A Woman

Had you ever seen this natural wonder before? 

No, this is not in Odisha, India! 

Took a screenshot of this image after finding it in a video received via WhatsApp.  

Searched about “waterfall that looks like a woman”.

Got to learn the following: 

This is the “Brides Waterfall” located in the city of Cajamarca in the town of Namora in Peru. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ 

Known as Cascada La Novia (Bride Waterfall), it is a miracle of nature. 

There is a legend about the origin of the waterfall. 

It is believed that “this beautiful waterfall was formed from a beautiful bride and her misfortune to lose her beloved.”

The interesting legend is as follows:

“In times of yore, a couple of lovers who loved each other deeply despite the rivalry of their families, decided to get married, but on the big day so special for both, the father of the bride took a rifle and shoots the groom propitiating him the death instantaneously, this act caused the bride wrapped in tears and with a huge grief to run out with her beautiful dress towards the mountains, and being there when she could not bear the sadness of losing her beloved, she made a pact with the Apu and the Pachamama, which turned it into a beautiful waterfall, so that everyone could appreciate its beauty for all eternity.“

The above legend is courtesy the website- 

You can find more info on Google.

Every country has special places.

There is so much beauty in our beautiful world πŸ—Ί 

“A thing of beauty is joy forever.”

Instead of appreciating and enjoying beauty and learning more about our beautiful world 🌍, we are presently unfortunately in the midst of uncertainty, killings, war zone & conflict. 

May better sense prevail.

Praying for love, peace and joy πŸ’–πŸ™

Jaya Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu πŸ™πŸŽŠ

I love waterfalls, don't you?


  1. Very pretty. I love waterfalls. Been to Niagara waterfalls a few times and Kutralam waterfalls in Tamil Nadu many times.

  2. Omg that's such a stunning waterfall. The lore is also interesting, and I agree, if we look for it we would find such beautiful places around us also


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