Sunday 20 March 2022

Pakhala Dibasa - A Poem #PakhalaDibasa

Today is #PakhalaDibasa and also the #InternationalDayOfHappiness! 🍚

Here are some lines - few words dedicated to Pakhala, Pakhala Day & happiness :)

For many, Pakhala is not just an "Odia Food"-
It's an emotion that's too special & good!
Even Mahaprabhu Shree Jagannatha loves this-
Served 365 days of the year- many varieties!
Odias eat Pakhala in all seasons; mostly to beat the heat-
In summer season especially, Pakhala is a refreshing treat.
March 20 is "Spring Equinox"- equal day & night length-
When days get longer & heat is on, Pakhala is strength!

It links us with our culture & our childhood.
For me, my Pakhala is better than any "fast food"!
Simple, comforting & with health benefits too-
Pakhala party unites all being so humble & true.

Pakhala is common- above status & livelihood!
Pakhala is happiness - This I have understood!
Missing my mom & grandmothers who served with care-
Ah! That Pakhala platter! Awesome taste beyond compare...

Connecting with my family, relatives & friends today-
The associated Pakhala memories will forever stay!
If you are a Pakhala lover like me too, let's celebrate!
Be extra happy as today is "Pakhala Day" & happiness date!

Pics- Some Pakhala pics clicked & shared by yours truly.
My "Pakhala Dibasa" blog post has more information.

Did you know about Pakhala? Have you tasted Pakhala? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Awesome work.Just wished to drop a comment and say i'm new your journal and adore what i'm reading.Thanks for the share

  2. It all looks so delicious, always something to learn in your posts


Your words mean a lot to me.

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