Friday 29 May 2015

A Whole New World

Sight is a divine gift of God.
For vision, I'm grateful to the Lord. 
In this world, there's so much to see-
A riot of colours, beauty, smiles, fantasy...

I have seen a lot, yet there's so more!
Wanna widen my horizons & improve my score!
A whole new world is awaiting for me to explore!
Opportunities are knocking; gonna answer the door!

Tuesday 19 May 2015

My Smartphone Buddy

In today's tech-age,Smartphones have an important role to play.

Thanks to them, we're connected, entertained & social night & day!

We all are glued to our smartphones & the cool Apps are fun!

Using & exploring the world of smartphones is our passion!

We can stay in touch 24/7 while travelling or at home.

Smartphones help us make payments, even add to our income!

A platter of choices and a new world is our smartphone's gift!

The presence and assurance of smartphones gives us a lift!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

6 Wishes That Come True With Flipkart

Wishes come true!

Oh yes! They do!

When we have a wish to be fulfilled,

There are places where we are thrilled!

No dreaming of Genie or closing eyes!

No magic lamp or words, yet all is nice!

There's Flipkart that presents a great variety!

Choose what we want/like & receive in our city!

No sweating in the sun or commuting long distances!

Flipkart has many products to appeal our senses!

Just sit in the comfort of our home & pick & choose!

With Flipkart we save a lot & have nothing to lose!

In the cyberspace we have a whole marketplace!

Products reach us within a few hours or days!

What we want & how we want it is taken care.

There are great offers and deals beyond compare!

Window-shopping has got a new meaning now!

Flipkart has amazing offers that are simply wow!

When I saw this film from Flipkart, I really enjoyed how the mother weaves a modern day fairytale for her little one. The wish master, who lives in the land of wishes, works tirelessly around the clock to make little kids like Yashi’s dreams come true!

Here are the 6 Wishes that Come True for Me with Flipkart:

A wonderland of choices - Variety is the spice of life! There are so many options to choose from! I personally live to spend hours window shopping to find the right gift. There is so much to choose from that I often end up buying more!

Faster than the Flash!- Speedy delivery with option for express delivery - The delivery is very efficient and we get our product neatly packaged. We can opt for the express delivery too if we want something urgently & to be delivered within a few hours! I remember a time where kids used to wait months on end to get the doll or toy they wished for. Now, the wishmaster’s magic has it to them in no time flat!

It’s raining Offers! – They say the 'Customer is King' and with so many offers on Flipkart, I truly feel like one! Love the way the quality stays the same but the price can make you happy!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! – With Flipkart’s “Compare” feature, shopping is a cakewalk! Want to know if you’re getting the best product from your choices? With Flipkart, I get to compare and voila! my decision is done!

Life is Easy! - In the rare case, you didn’t get what you wanted, then the exchange process is easy & simple! I once got a shoe that was not my size and you know what? The friendly Flipkart representative solved my problem in a jiffy!

It’s all Smooth Sailing! From payment to product safety to delivery, we are taken care of!  We have a host of options for payment. Accurate Order tracking and status is available! Also, we can reach the Customer Service at anytime where queries are answered efficiently! My last order was so smooth that the gift arrived the very next day of my order – I ordered late at night and the next evening, it was there!

#EveryWishFulfilled is definitely true with Flipkart! I continue to look to them to make all my future wishes come true!

Sunday 10 May 2015

Queer Intent

"But why do you want to be an astronaut?" her Fairy Godmother asked Mary quizzically.

"I have many queries for God...", Mary answered.
Photo Prompt: Magpie Tales

Saturday 2 May 2015

When The Ground Shakes

Selected as a WOW Post here

When the ground shakes,
We ponder about earthquakes.
Despite our scientific advances,
No glorious position to guess...

When the ground shakes,
We can't apply any brakes...
As buildings crumble easily,
We feel helpless & silly.

When the ground shakes,
Steep are the stakes.
Property & lives are lost,
We pay a heavy cost.

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