Saturday 2 May 2015

When The Ground Shakes

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When the ground shakes,
We ponder about earthquakes.
Despite our scientific advances,
No glorious position to guess...

When the ground shakes,
We can't apply any brakes...
As buildings crumble easily,
We feel helpless & silly.

When the ground shakes,
Steep are the stakes.
Property & lives are lost,
We pay a heavy cost.

When the ground shakes,
There are future retakes-
Physical & mental aftershocks,
Stumble with knocks & blocks...

When the ground shakes,
No immunity even with cheques...
Riches & power can't shield.
Earthquakes create a level-field.

When the ground shakes,
Nature balances & checks.
Alarming bitter wake-up call...
Teaches lessons, warns one & all...

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'When The Ground Shakes'.
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My heart goes out to the #NepalQuake victims. More power to all the people who are helping with the rescue & restoration efforts.


  1. I was feeling exactly the same during last few days... As you rightly said, it is the alarm given by the Mother Earth...
    Our prayers for those who are no more due to earthquake...
    May all be safe...
    TC... Keep smiling :)

  2. That mankind is helpless against nature's fury. has been brought out well in this poem.

  3. The aftermath is more traumatic that the actual true. It lingers on everyone's mind for time immemorial, for loses irreversible. Hard hitting take on the prompt @ Wow.

  4. Where do they (the victims) find solace? How traumatic that would be? To live without the loved ones.

  5. It's such a hard hitting reality - we can't fight with Mother Nature. We have to pay the price of our deeds, there is no escape.

  6. a very well written and touching poem Viyoma....

  7. i meant anita......sorry for the mistake.....i read both yours and viyoma's poems together and was commenting on both.....

  8. True, I was also thinking in its line.When Tsunami devastated shelters and lives I posted a poem on it.hat you have sid here exactly correct.Man cannot do anything here. Nicely written.

  9. O what a horror it must have been and it still have expressed some of that nicely in these lines, though of course no words can ever capture what thousands and thousands of people who have lost so much and more are presently going through....

  10. First of all Sorry Anita for not visiting as I was too tied up with many many things !! But now I am here I am making up for the lost time :)
    you written it so well .. it is an alarm from Mother earth but sadly these alarms are going unheard .. same happened with the flood at Kedarnath in India and now In Nepal .. According to an article in readers
    's digest , Mt. Everest is fast becoming a filthy dump of garbage with every Tom and Harry being a mountaineer. Deforestation and mushrooming hotels add to the woes .... Its high time we must stop this and respect nature or else nature's fury once unleashed can not be controlled .

  11. I am sure Nature keeps telling us but we are just not listening ..


  12. Nature's way of mocking our confidence now and then.. just to ensure humanity knows how fragile their existence really is. Well written.

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