Friday 29 May 2015

A Whole New World

Sight is a divine gift of God.
For vision, I'm grateful to the Lord. 
In this world, there's so much to see-
A riot of colours, beauty, smiles, fantasy...

I have seen a lot, yet there's so more!
Wanna widen my horizons & improve my score!
A whole new world is awaiting for me to explore!
Opportunities are knocking; gonna answer the door!

To change the way I see the world is my plan-
Wanna let my hair down & do all what I wish & I can!
What I'd do to change the way I see the world will change me-
In this post, I try to share that I #Dare2Stare & list three-

1. Be More Alert & Present
Life is so fast & time is passing by,
I miss admiring the flowers or the sky,
Singing birds, ripe fruits, or shooting stars,
Colours of the dresses, pebbles or cars! 

My eyes will catch every wonder with glee,
I'll be more grateful as I'm blessed & can see.
How wonderful it'll be to SEE MORE.
I'll change the way I see & time for encore!

2. Travel More 
A whole new world beckons that's extraordinary.
An explorer like me is forever travel-ready!
Continents, Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages...
Wanna travel more & fill up my Passport's pages!

So many interesting places with marvels lovely.
Travelling more & spending more time with my family!
Climb mountains, sail across oceans, ride in style...
Smile happily feeling lucky & cover every friendly mile!

3. Experience More New Things
Doing new things will be a terrific experience.
I would love to see the world in a new lens.
Trying out different shoes & new things will be fun,
Wanna experience the wonders under the sun!

Feel at home everywhere I go & adapt & empathize.
Make friends everywhere & see the world from their eyes...
Discovering & experiencing the new will be great!
Won't be BLIND EVEN WITH EYES; there's sight in my fate!

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  1. Your nice description of what all interesting things one can see makes the cause of eye donation all the more important

  2. this is a good cause... nicely written, Anita!

  3. very nice form...and yes, we do need to not just look...but actually SEE! God gave us those eyes for a reason! This reads very much like a "spoken word" piece, and I can see this going over very well in a poetry jam. So...why did you choose to say your piece in the manner that you did? (after all...that is the prompt question!) :-)

  4. Beautiful lines for a noble cause :)

  5. Nice form and excellent lesson on really seeing and not just looking. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  6. It is good to be both resolute & devout, but both are tested by the chaos around us, by the ignorance, murder, racism, sexism, homophobia, & greed that touch us daily through the media as well as the retina.

  7. I love the thoughts of travelling and seeing.. great thing for a full life.

  8. Beautiful poem connected to your life goals is so divine :)

  9. What an interesting form, or way of writing with the embedded numbered list inside. I have some similar goes. I want to experience more of life and even the old things in new ways.

  10. Cultures of same do arise.. when nature's golden
    spiral moves.. do become angles instead
    of angels.. of love.. ah.. a move to
    angles to still a fear of change..
    ah.. to embrace change
    is to become
    fully human
    again.. with
    instead of
    seasons of change..
    always angel ways..:)

  11. I was pretty good at not blinking when I was younger...

  12. What a wonderful plan you have here! I am so much like you in that I want to experience all facets of life, all kinds of people, and all the wonderful places there are to see! :-)

  13. A good take on the subject. Keep writing!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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