Wednesday 24 April 2024

World Copyright Day

April 23rd is "World Book Day" & "World Copyright Day".

To all the shameless copycats, here's what I wanna say-

Stop plagiarism & passing others' work as your own.
Do you have no original ideas/thoughts/views or tone?
Are you so pathetic that only for copying you are fit?
Please either become original or else give due credit🙏

The Tree Mystery

Lisa went to their garden with her notebook.

Being inspired by nature, she wanted to write a story for “Earth Day”.

She settled in the cool shade of their mango tree.

She spotted a well-crafted tiny door attached to the tree trunk in front.


Photo Prompt- Fleur Lind

Who lived there?

Should she open the door and check?

Saturday 13 April 2024

Odia New Year: Pana Sankranti - Mahabishuba Sankranti

The Odia New Year is called Pana Sankranti or Mahabishuba Sankranti.

Details about Pana Sankranti are in my previous blog posts here.

This time let us all ensure correct representation in our social media posts.

As per the Purnachandra Odia Bhashakosha, an Odisha encyclopedia- a monumental 7-volume work of about 9,500 pages published between 1930 and 1940 by an illustrious son of Odisha, Sri Gopal Chandra Praharaj (1874-1945):

 ବିଷୁବ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି Bishuba Samkrāntiସଂ. ବିସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ବର୍ଷକରେ ଯେଉଁ ଦିନଦ୍ୱୟ ବିଷୁବ ରେଖା ଉପରେ ଗମନ କରନ୍ତି; ତହିଁର ପରବର୍ତ୍ତୀ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି ଦ୍ୱୟ; ଜଳବିଷୁବ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି ଓ ମହାବିଷୁବ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି; ବର୍ଷକରେ ଯେଉଁ ଦିନଦ୍ୱୟ ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟ ପ୍ରଥମେ ଯଥା— କ୍ରମେ ମେଷ ରାଶିକୁ ଓ ତୁଳ ରାଶିକୁ ସଂକ୍ରମଣ (ଗମନ) କରନ୍ତି—The two Saṁkrānti days in the year falling after the equinoxes; the passage of the sun to the next sign at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes; the passage of the sun to the first points of Aries and Libra after the vernal and autumnal equinoxes; the equinoxial passage (Apte).
ବିଷୁବ Bishuba3ମେଷ ବା ବୈଶାଖ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି; ପଣା ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି; ମହାବିଷୁବ ସଂକ୍ରାନ୍ତି—3. The Saṁkrānti or the 1st day of the month of solar Ba̲i̱ṡākha; the first point of Aries which the sun enters after the vernal equinox (Apte).

Thursday 11 April 2024

Chhenapoda and Podapitha - Foods of Odisha

Chhenapoda is a delectable dessert of Odisha that is prepared by using Chhena (cottage-cheese).

More information about Chhenapoda in my previous posts here.
There is a lot of misinformation regarding Chhenapoda.
More awareness is needed.

What is the name of the following bhoga?

Wednesday 10 April 2024

The Hidden Treasure

Mili was visiting her grandparents’ home.

They had passed away...

Though Mili was visiting after many years, she saw that not much had changed in their home.

There was still no air-conditioner or television.

As a kid, Mili never missed electronic devices whenever she visited her grandparents.

They played many board games together.

She loved listening to their stories.

Many memories came flooding her mind.

Photo Prompt- Susan Rouchard

Wednesday 3 April 2024

The Bridge of Diligence

 The villagers had always wanted a bridge.

During the rainy season, boatmen either didn’t come or didn't dare to ferry passengers.

School students suffered.

Some diligent students, who didn't want to miss school, used to swim to attend school.

The villagers had communicated during meetings with politicians.

All letters to leaders had been in vain.

Governments came and went; the river had no bridge…


Photo Prompt- Sandra Crook

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