Wednesday 3 April 2024

The Bridge of Diligence

 The villagers had always wanted a bridge.

During the rainy season, boatmen either didn’t come or didn't dare to ferry passengers.

School students suffered.

Some diligent students, who didn't want to miss school, used to swim to attend school.

The villagers had communicated during meetings with politicians.

All letters to leaders had been in vain.

Governments came and went; the river had no bridge…


Photo Prompt- Sandra Crook

A brand new bridge has been inaugurated today.

Those diligent students are now grown up.

As qualified engineers and architects, this is their first project.

This rainy season, there should be full school attendance.

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. One forgets how crucial bridges are, both physical and metaphorical. Nice story.

  2. i hope it was not a bridge in the middle of nowhere. i actually saw one like that in Meghalaya

  3. I like the way this goes full circle. Those who lived with the problem being instrumental in solving it.

  4. A good conclusion. As an ex-teacher, my mind is reeling with the thought of students so keen to come to school that they would swim!!

  5. Dear Anita,
    It would take determination to swim to school. Good for them for working to turn things around.

  6. This is Granonine. I love this story! Victory came with education!

  7. Well done. It took the children to know what to do.

  8. What a beautiful story. Change by the next generation!

  9. Ideally that's the way it will go. We are depending on the young people to effect necessary change. Thoughtful story, Anita.

  10. This is great. And all hail to the former students to remember that plight and do something about it. When a goog education is difficult to get, it becomes precious.

  11. I like the conclusion, how those who lived without a bridge grew up to build one.


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