Wednesday 24 April 2024

World Copyright Day

April 23rd is "World Book Day" & "World Copyright Day".

To all the shameless copycats, here's what I wanna say-

Stop plagiarism & passing others' work as your own.
Do you have no original ideas/thoughts/views or tone?
Are you so pathetic that only for copying you are fit?
Please either become original or else give due credit🙏
No unfair theft; if you are inspired, acknowledge & share-
Quote original creators' works', sources & make all aware.
Unethical people copying images & words is such a shame.
Some translate views & share as if they thought the same!

For likes, views, fame & praise, they copy even from a friend!
Our terribly bad experiences with copycats don't seem to end.
For those copycats, who lift everything- social media posts too-
Remember- "God is watching" & Karma will catch up with you.

More in my previous post-
Copycats and Plagiarism- Some Real Life Examples-
Copycats And Plagiarism - Real Life Examples

PC- From Google & all the credits are mentioned on the images

dVerse Poets Prompt- Louis Wane- The Naughty Puss (1898)

Linking with dVerse Poets- "If you don't like cats I'm sorry" - 

My take- If you are a copycat or like copycats, I am not sorry!

Also, linking with Poets and Storytellers United- Friday Writings#123.

Note- Copyright is a type of "Intellectual Property Right".

World Copyright Day and World Book Day are observed on April 23rd each year.

Copy-paste is adopted by some unscrupulous elements who copy and pass off others' work as their own. They need to be disciplined just like the student is being punished in the classroom in the image by Louis Wane- The Naughty Puss- above. Ethics must be taught right from school and all need to be aware and take care.

The intention of this post is to reach the copycats-
Some of them have peddled false narratives over the years & earned adulation as champions of causes & the tag of great researchers, writers, authors etc.!
Hope your conscience wakes up and you get some sense. Blinded by your false claims, you cannot change reality! The truth will still be the truth.
Citing the sources doesn't make you small. Try facing yourself in the mirror and ask yourself- Do you deserve all the prestige, name etc that you have illegally earned because of appropriating & stealing others' hard work & "Intellectual Property"?
You have committed "Intellectual Property Theft".
You have stolen. You are a thief.
You know it deep in your heart.
So does God.
Always remember that.

Have you ever faced Copyright or plagiarism issues before? 

How did you deal with them? Please share in the comments below.


  1. Yes, breach of copyright is deplorable!

    1. I should add that the people who participate in Poets and Storytellers United are well aware of the problem, and are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of this crime – but hopefully not; we all do what we can to prevent it.

    2. Thank you so much hosting, reading and for sharing your thoughts.
      You are very right.
      Sad that original works are lifted without the consent or knowledge of the writers/creators. They don't even get a mention! It is showcased as the copycat's own work!
      This comes as such a shock when they discover later or when the plagiarism is brought to their notice. They are blissfully unaware while creating their own works investing great thought, time and efforts.
      Undeserving and cunning people, with zero effort, creativity, talent, ideas or skills copy and usurp the creator's due- and instantly earn attention, fame, praise, riches etc!

  2. Indeed... a good point copying is really bad, and now we might even do it unintionally when using AI.

  3. There I an old Tamil epic Cilappatikaram (please google it). It is an interesting story. Kannaki is the heroine. Her husband Kovalan was killed by the King of Madurai. Kannaki got angry and burnt the entire city of Madurai. Some years ago, I was talking to a few friends. I said Kannaki was the first Indian to burn public property for private vengeance, ala political parties’ demonstration nowadays.

    Word must have spread around. I heard the same sentence (Kannaki burning public property for private vengeance) in a movie after 5 or 6 years. Don’t know if it was coincidence or someone in the group took my words.

  4. Your post on World Copyright Day against plagiarism is forceful and persuasive.
    It is not only unethical but even punishable when copyright regulations are infringed.

  5. Of course, we who write wouldn't I don't copy text though titles don't copyright. Pictures are a little bit harder. Using them for what we do is generally not a violation but if we get paid we must pay the zrtist.

  6. The drawing illustrates what happens to those who plagiarize!😆 Just kidding. “For likes, views, fame & praise, they copy even from a friend!” Nothing will ever give those people satisfaction if they have the need to be seen even at the expense of others.

  7. There should be a really deep level of hell for plagiarists. I don't understand how they deal with the shame. By stealing someone's work, they are obviously saying that they aren't good enough.

  8. Very pertinent poem
    Thanks for dropping by my blog



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