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Chhenapoda and Podapitha - Foods of Odisha

Chhenapoda is a delectable dessert of Odisha that is prepared by using Chhena (cottage-cheese).

More information about Chhenapoda in my previous posts here.
There is a lot of misinformation regarding Chhenapoda.
More awareness is needed.

What is the name of the following bhoga?

Please note:
📝-> Chhenapoda- ଛେନାପୋଡ଼ deserves a uniform/standardised spelling. It should be one word. Why are many leaving a gap/space between Chhena- ଛେନା & Poda- ପୋଡ଼?
📝-> Chhenapoda is NOT offered to Mahaprabhu at the Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri
📝-> Chhenapoda is NOT a part of "Chhapana Bhoga"/ChhapanBhog unlike what is wrongly believed by many
📝 -> Chhenapoda is not offered to deities of temples
📝-> Chhenapoda is NOT the same as Podapitha (image above); both are different products
📝-> Let us all share correct images & info (not use Podapitha name, pics & info for Chhenapoda & vice-versa)
📝-> "Chhenapoda" is a different dessert that was first "invented/created" by the father-son duo-
Father- Bidyadhar Sahu and his Son- Sudarshan Sahu.
📝-> Though Chhenapoda was first created by the Late Bidyadhar Sahu of Daspalla, Nayagarh, along with his son Sudarshan Sahu, the former's name is either not known and not mentioned or simply omitted. Rather, only his son's name is being shared as founder/creator, more so as his son Sudarshan Sahu's birthday- April 11- has been chosen as the date for the "Chhenapoda Dibasa" celebration starting 2022 onwards.
📝-> Correct information must be shared in "Nayagarh Chhenapoda" Geographical Indication (GI) documents & in reports online as those are believed & shared by all. The wrong info provided will be accepted as reality.

Correct representation is everyone's responsibility.
Both Chhenapoda & Podapitha have the word "Poda" in common.
"Poda" means burnt.
Note- The Podapitha prepared by locals is burnt.
But, Shree Jagannatha's Podapitha is not burnt; rather it is fried in pure ghee.

This writer spoke to an esteemed Puri Shreemandira Sebayat, Sri Biswanath Samantara, the Sabhapati of Badu Suara Nijog, Shree Jagannatha Temple.
Sri Samantara said:

"Shree Jagannatha is offered
Hatapoda Pitha (ହାତପୋଡ ପିଠା). The name is Podapitha. But, "burnt" items are not offered as bhoga to Mahaprabhu. The following three types of Podapitha, prepared following special age-old recipes and tradition, are offered to Mahaprabhu-
1. Badapitha - ବଡପିଠା - prepared using Biri i.e. Urad Dal.
2. Hatapoda Pitha - ହାତପୋଡ ପିଠା - prepared using Atta & Guda i.e. Wheat flour & Jaggery.
3. Podapitha - ପୋଡ଼ପିଠା - prepared using Chhena, Guda & Atta i.e. Cottage-cheese, Jaggery & Wheat flour.

The first two Bhoga are offered daily to Shree Jagannatha. Badapitha is offered during Madhyana Dhupa and Hatapoda Pitha is offered during Sandhya Dhupa.
Whereas Podapitha is offered to Mahaprabhu when He is on the Ratha on the day of the Bahuda Jatra i.e. on the ninth day of the Ratha Jatra.
That way, these 3 types of 'Poda' Pitha, created by a special preparation process are linked with Shree Jagannatha."

Thus, the Pithas & Podapitha that are offered to Mahaprabhu in the Shree Jagannatha Temple are prepared by frying in pure Ghee and by following the age-old process and tradition.
The above was about Podapitha which is offered to Mahaprabhu.
However, the Podapitha prepared by locals is different. It is actually roasted & burnt and that is how it gets its name and unique taste.

This writer's views about Chhenapoda & Chhenapoda Dibasa have been published in today's Prameya's newspaper.
Thanks to Team Prameya & Journalist Manoranjan Mohanty for quoting, expressing & sharing all our points-

Great to find many fans of Chhenapoda!
And so much interest for the Chhenapoda Dibasa i.e. #ChhenapodaDibasa or Chhenapoda Day celebration & for GI Tag!

First, let's start with the name of our dessert.
The name is the identity.
Let’s all spell/mention/pronounce our ଛେନାପୋଡ଼ correctly🙏🏽
Chena Poda
Chana Pora
Chena Podo
Chenna Poda
Chenna Pod
Chenna Podo
Channa Poda
Chhenna Pod
Chhena Pora
Chhena Podo
Chhaana Poda
NOTE -> #Chhenapoda
No gap/space between the words-
Chhena ଛେନା छेना
Poda ପୋଡ଼ पोड


Odia- ଛେନାପୋଡ଼
Hindi- छेनापोड
English- Chhenapoda

This is being shared to make all aware.
Which spelling are you using?
Some opine that spellings are not important!
📝 Names are required for branding & promotion.
What do producers sell their products as?
What is the standard spelling used by consumers?
Have you thought of these issues before?
More info here-

Have you tasted Chhenapoda?
Which spelling of Chhenapoda are you using?
Please share in the comments below.

We are celebrating the third Chhenapoda Dibasa today.

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