Wednesday 20 April 2022

You Own The Crown

They do not know what you've done or what you do.

They have never met or known you & have no clue. 

They have no idea of your causes or the reasons,

Still, they are your expert judges in all the seasons!

They instantly pronounce you guilty in their court!

They resolutely, blindly, obsequiously, & unfairly support-

The party whom they know or who has them engaged.

Just the ambience is needed for their drama to be staged! 

They are talented impromptu actors without any script-

They share words & lines as per whom they wanna lift! 

Though they have/had never thought about issues before, 

They indulge & the doer gets branded- "armchair warrior"! 

Keep doing what you can & be yourself that only you can be.

What they say or do doesn't matter as they cannot think or see.

Absolutely fabulous smile mustn't turn upside down into a frown.

When they pull you down, remember that you own the crown.

Do you feel like the owner of the crown? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Good advice! It is sad how many people, particularly the young, seem to be vulnerable to others' hurtful words. I wish they could all see as clearly as you!

  2. Well stated and great advise for the generations coming behind us.

  3. Very good, heart-warming poetry.....and philosophy..

  4. Enjoyed your poem & its message. It's quite uplifting, in a way.
    The poem reminds me of those cyber bullies and hurtful comments. Ignore them for what they are, empty vessels. Yes, remember that you own the crown. :)

  5. Great advice! Don't let the bullies get you down.

  6. I wear the crown. Your poetic message is inspirational ... educating oneself is key to survival. armchair warriors are dangerous.

  7. Good one! The rhyme is well done.

  8. Anita, "Remember, you own the crown" says lots. Don't let them take it away or destroy it.
    (this sounds like the crazy Florida government powers at this time).
    Thanks for peeking in me and for your nice comment.

  9. Yes, we need not worry about others' validation of us. We are the judges of our deeds. Excellent.

  10. It is possible to stand up against the bullies, just be strong.

  11. We all need a reminder of our crown from time to time.

  12. You passionate message should resonate with us all.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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