Saturday 22 June 2024

Deba Snana Purnima and Snana Jatra

Deba Snana Purnima & Snana Jatra is being celebrated today.

Each year, the English calendar celebration date differs as Snana Jatra is celebrated on the tithi day.
Like the others, Ratha Jatra, Bahuda Jatra, etc., the tithi dates are on different English calendar dates each year.
In the year 2020, on this particular date- June 22, after Mahaprabhu's direction, the Supreme Court of India reconsidered the decision (initially that had ruled out the celebration of Ratha Jatra 2020 owing to Covid); after Mahaprabhu's intervention, Ratha Jatra commenced on June 23, 2020.
This year, Ratha Jatra is on July 7th.
Today- Snana Purnima- is Shree Jagannatha's "appearance day" or birthday.
Witnessing the Snana Jatra is considered very auspicious.
Snana means- Bath
Jatra means- Journey
Jatra also refers to festival
Deities take bath every day, but without having to visit the Snana Bedi or Mandapa within the Shreemandira.
Only on Snana Purnima, the deities undertake the journey to take Snana.
Deities take this bath just like a newborn baby is first made to take a bath.
Today, it rained during Snana Jatra ritual and devotees got drenched.

The deities—Shree Jagannatha and His siblings Shree Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra—travel from their Ratna Bedi to the Snana Bedi or Snana Mandapa.
They are ceremonially bathed with 108 pitchers of sacred and scented water as per ancient tradition.
After the bath, they are decked with flowers.

Then, they are dressed in Hati Besha or Gaja Besha or Gajanana Besha.

Mahaprabhu has many Besha i.e. attires. Also, there are many festivals like a variety of Jatra.
Snana Jatra is an important Jatra.

After taking bath and post-Hati Besha, the deities fall ill. They are then taken and kept in isolation for the next 15 days. During this time, their representative images are worshipped in the form of Pattachitra art.

There are many rituals and secrets of Mahaprabhu.
Even Gods do not know. How will humans know?
Such an amazing leela of Mahaprabhu 🙏🎊

Requesting all who are writing about Mahaprabhu to please ensure correct representation.

Reference and due credit should be given if information is being taken from a source.
I was so surprised to find the exact words of my Snana Jatra 2022 blog post published in the report of Pragativadi newspaper online-

The above text is directly from my post-
More info here-

Some requests for all:
Let us use-
1. "Shree" instead of "Lord" for Mahaprabhu Jagannatha.
2. Jatra
3. Besha

Have been requesting Shreemandira to publish a common list of such words linked with Shree Jagannatha sanskruti; a uniform English dictionary/reference guide will be very useful for us and we can refer to and use it without any ignorance or confusion.
What do you feel? Please share in the comments below.

Images courtesy:
a) Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri - X (formerly Twitter)
b) Pragativadi newspaper - website

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