Thursday 26 September 2013

My Phone Taught Me!

'Battery Critically Low’ flashes my Phone!
I get my daily dose of exercise done!

As this happens a number of times a day,
I keep in great shape anyway!

No Gym membership needed! Save Time & Fees!
Just run to locate the Phone’s Charger please!

I become a ‘Ninja’ or ‘Supergirl’!
I function in high-speed like a whirl!

Lightning fast! Just 30 seconds more!
I don’t want ‘Power-Off’ in store!

Just thinking- ‘Phone will shut down’!
Replaces my Million$ Smile with a Frown!

Phone menacingly threatens me!
But, I have full faith on my reflexes & memory!

I reach where my Phone’s charger is there!
Stop myself from getting a scare!

Quickly charge it before its battery can ‘die’!
Breathe a sigh of relief! Oh My!

Phone-battery’s death, when on a long journey,
A terrifying sense of helplessness grips me!

I now have a Battery-Recharge luckily,
But, depleting even that happens easily!

For auto-recharge, how long do I wait?
Oh Phone-Developers, please understand my state!

I feel the latest SmartPhone, should be-
Smart enough to RECHARGE SMARTLY!

I saw the hashtag #MyPhoneTaughtMe trending in Twitter in the first week of September. I decided to share what I have learnt from my Phone. Actually, there are a lot many lessons as learning comes very easily to me! Still, I shared what’s of prime importance.

My Lesson#1 from my phone is something like this:
#MyPhoneTaughtMe to run for my life to give its critical-battery LIFE! I look for its charger before it shuts down, charge it & breathe a sigh of relief & erase my frown!

Actually, the exact tweet I posted is now lost in my Twitter- TimeLine. But, the same tweet had earned quite a number of retweets! 
It even earned me a cool prize- this water-bottle from The MobileStore as I was adjudged as one of the 50 winners of the Teacher’s Day contest organized by them on Twitter through @themobilestores :

My kid was pleased! “I’ll take this new water-bottle to School!” she said with glee! 
I was very happy too! This is the first time just sending a single tweet has won me a prize thanks The MobileStore! (Else, usually, for many other contests of other brands, though I send lots of tweets, many are not even retweeted, leave alone winning a prize!!!)


  1. We like to think that we are the master and our mobile is our slave machine but obviously that's not the case. This post depicts that. It made me smile when you said "ninja" and "supergirl" :D We all are guilty of that I guess.

    1. Right! Our phone has the power to bring smiles or even give us a fright!
      Battery depletion is a major cause...
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your view! :)

  2. Hilarious post!! Well written :)

    1. Thanks Subramaniam! Appreciate your view! Glad you liked it! :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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