Tuesday 10 September 2013


Nostalgic memories are like the waves of the sea, full of mystery- 

Just when we think they have receded from us, they arrive unexpectedly,

Surprising us with their force to drench us and linger on in reality…

There are strong smells that can make us faint and there are faint smells that can make us smell strong dangers…But, smells of all kinds contribute to BIG nostalgic memories…

The subtle smell of our collection of sea-shells transports me to the Juhu Beach, Mumbai. Every evening, my Mom used to take me and my brother there for a walk. In the weekends, both Mom & Papa would take us. Building sand-castles, spraying and playing with the water from the Arabian Sea, taking Tonga-rides, having treats on the Beach like yummy BhelPuri, tangy PaaniPuri, tasty VadaPav, spicy PavBhaji, lip-smacking KalaKhatta/Orange Gola…all these had distinct flavors & characteristic smells associated. In Odisha, we got to savour Jhaal Mudi! Also the antics of Olive Ridley Ridley turtles at Rushikulya and Gahirmatha. I got to relish the Bay of Bengal’s smells in the Puri Beach & the Gopalpur Beach. In the latter, my aunt has her holiday-home. We got treated to fresh Sea-food- prawns & fish- fried-right-in-front-of-our-eyes…!

The smell of the mouth-freshener reminds me of the smell of Betel Leaves & Supaari. Most men-folk and some women in my family had Paan.  In my childhood I ran errands to hand over the right Paan, each with varying proportions of ingredients, to the intended recipients!

Smelling the rich Coffee aroma, I instantly get transported to the Coffee-Plantation of Coorg that we visited! A short while ago, miles of verdant green enveloped my senses when I opened the bottle where I have stored spices- Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper. The spices still retain their magic fragrance!

As I offer prayers to the Tulsi (Basil) plant everyday, I am awe-struck by its soothing, humble and healing fragrance that makes me feel so grateful. My Grandma always applied soil from the Tulsi plant’s tub on our foreheads whenever we were leaving home. She believed it would protect us. 

Ever grateful to SunGod for providing Sunlight- the best natural disinfectant and for making my ‘home smelling heavenly & ready to welcome with a smile’! That was the best compliment, courtesy my father-in-law, that I have got as a Home Manager!

Special dishes- My Granny & my Mom lovingly prepared and served amazing dishes. Granny’s speciality- Biryaani, Fish, Crab Curry, Jackfruit Curry…the list can go on! Returning from school, I could guess Mom’s menu the moment I entered- Noodles, Rolls, Fried Rice, Stuffed Parathas, Dosa, Idly, Vada with Sambar & Chutney, Puri & Curry… Sometimes Odia* sweets like Chandrakanti*, Kakara* & Muduka Pitha*, Poda Pitha*…As the official food-taster of our home, I always got to sample the smells & tastes of Mom’s creations first! 

I got a foul smell when I opened my refrigerator yesterday. I wondered, “Why is it so Smelly?” Actually, it had been slightly Smelly for the past 4-5 days, but I had been busy with work (Read- Composing my posts for IndiBlogger!) and had postponed attending to it, treating my other jobs in my To-Do-List as priority. But now, I had no option but to investigate the cause of the stench. Having spent a considerable amount of my life in Chemistry Labs, I could smell that it was akin to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)! Yuck! I wanted to scream- “Spare me! Can’t you see? I am so busy!!!”

Time to play Sherlock Holmes! After I had speedily emptied out everything from my Fridge, I realized that a little amount of over-spoilt curd was the culprit! “Ah! Got you! Off you go!” I victoriously disposed of it in the kitchen sink. However, this entire process had made my home very Smelly!

My kid, who has recently been taught the concept of Diffusion in Science, walked in then with Ambi Pur! She sprayed Ambi Pur Lavendar Vanilla & Comfort.

Ambi Pur's fragrance filled our home with positive energy no sooner than we said- ABRACADABRA! 
It was Smelly to Smiley instantly!

Test the metamorphosis for yourself! Just choose and spray any from the large variety of Ambi Pur fragrances- Lavendar Vanilla & Comfort, Sweet Citrus & Zest, Spring & Renewal, Meadows & Rain… 

Do visit- www.facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia to learn more.

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This is a post for the Smelly to Smiley contest of Ambi Pur and IndiBlogger.

I have also shared some more nostalgic memories here- A SMELLIONAIRE'S TREASURE TROVE

Note- The Fridge incident is a true-life-account. It has really happened yesterday.
(I have NOT “made up a story”!)

P.S- All the photographs are self-clicked, except the Ambi Pur pictures that I have taken from Google Images & IndiBlogger.

-*Some Terms:
Odia* – Belonging to the State of Odisha
Chandrakanti*- A deep fried sweet made from Green Gram, Sugar etc. 
Kakara* & Muduka Pitha*- A deep fried sweet dish made of Wheat flour/Semolina and stuffed with a mixture of- Coconut, Jaggery/Sugar, Black Pepper & Dry-fruits etc. 
Poda Pitha*- A baked dish prepared using Urad Dal, Rice, Ghee, Chhena, Sugar, Coconut etc.

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  1. gosh ,
    my fridge died on my once ,
    it was horrible !
    like your narration ,
    all the best ,

    That’s me

    1. Thanks Disha!
      Yes, I had to share this Fridge story! Somehow I was concerned that the incident was demanding my time when I was under pressure for my submission! But, then it grabbed my attention! The Optimist in me felt it's a blessing as it happened so that I could write about it!
      A story with a divine conspiracy! The smell actually fell in place with Ambi Pur's fragrance!
      Great to get your views & wishes! :)

  2. hey! all the best for the contest :) nice one :)

    1. Thanks for your wishes, Preethi, my Dost!
      Glad you liked my post! :)

  3. "Special dishes" was most attractive part for me love to have those.. specially odia sweets i'm very connected to them. :)

    1. That's evident, Sashi! Odia sweets and dishes are special!
      Thanks for sharing your view!

  4. The fridge story deserves a win. :D

    Best wishes for contest result. :)

    1. Thanks Sunakshi for sharing your thoughts!!
      Appreciate your super-comment! Hope the Judges also think so! :)

  5. Those were some beautiful smelly+smiley recollections! All the best dear :)

    1. Thank you so much, Bushra!
      Lovely that you liked my smelly+smiley recollections! Hoping for the very best! :)

  6. I liked ur true life story- smiley:). I hope U get rid of all d bad smells in lyf n get d gud ones only!!

    1. That's such a sweet fragrant wish, Amrita! Thanks a lot!
      Wish you the same! :)

  7. Hey anita congrats, and Iam hope with U won the contest. all the best.

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    1. Thanks David for your hearty wish!
      The results are not yet out! Fingers crossed!
      I know I have your best wishes!!! Thanks! :)


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