Monday 23 September 2013

Shaadi To The Rescue

This is in total contrast with my Techie-Hubby who is happy with his laptop, phone and office and would have nothing to do with any contests. He feels I am wasting my time and talents! 
But, still I dream to win contests! 

Luckily, despite his disapproval, thankfully, he patiently supports me in my quest to win contests!
Signing the innumerable lucky-dip and slogan forms that I have requested him to sign all these years (as I believe in bettering our chances to win!), 
Attending interview-sessions- listening to the questions I ask him and sharing answers and insight of his keen intelligent views, 
Accompanying me to all the Car-test-drives as I hoped we would be the lucky-winner of the Car...!!! 
However, after all these years of trying, my BIG WINS are few and far between!

From the last two years, my Hubby has been planning to gift an iPad, iPhone & Car, just for me!
Any normal wife would have jumped at the prospect & would have liked to be 'gifted'!
But, I am made of CONTEST JUNKIE material! I told him, "Please don't buy! I'll WIN!"
Hubby dear smirked!
I have been planning to win all these for which I have been trying like crazy for years!
Yes, I have enough money in my bank-account that I have earned and can easily afford to buy all these and more today! 
But, winning gives me a HIGH! I love to take part in contests and attempt to win!

Hubby must have been convinced of my strong intention to win!
Small wonder, he started forwarding me mails from his Bank that promised 'WIN iPAD' by spending 'X' amount on Credit/Debit Card!
I told him, "Do you realize you are actually asking your wife to shop and spend more?!!!"
He appeared more than happy, and continued with his recommendations!

On 12th September 2013, I saw a tweet from @ShaadiDotCom -

"What is the line that appears on-screen at the end of our TVC?
 Click a pic of the Answer outside #Kolkata Dom Airport & WIN an iPad Mini."

I thought, "This must be the iPad that's for ME!" 
(Note- I always think so whenever I see cool contests and prizes!)

Earlier, the only prize I had won from @ShaadiDotCom was a Book- 'HITCHED' by Nandini Krishnan. I had won it by sending lots of winning tweets for the #ShaadiSurvey Contest!
Now was the time to try to win the #Shaadi iPad! I lost no time! 
Though it was very HOT that day, 
yet I set out for the Kolkata Domestic Airport rightaway!

Though I am aware that I am bitten by the contest-bug, still a part of me wondered why was I indulging in such 'madness'! ( I was actually echoing other people's thoughts about me!) 

'No Pains, No Gains', I motivated myself!

I reached the Airport and started looking everywhere, just like a Jeweler would look for her lost Diamond! Here, nothing was lost; rather had to be found! 

I felt quite silly as for the first time I was visiting the Airport for a purpose other than for travel! :)

I had to spot  the #Shaadi sign-board, click a pic and then tweet it.

The task wasn't tough.
But, where would I find the sign-board?

The Airport is pretty big....

Never mind, I encouraged myself- 
'Where there is a will, there is a way!'

I thought of taking help from the Security-Guard.
"Have you see the ShaadiDotCom Sign-board?" I longed to ask! But, I didn't! 

The sunny afternoon appeared cool the moment I set my eyes upon the ShaadiDotCom Team!  Super-happy to spot the Jodi at Kolkata! The effort felt worth it!

I chatted with the friendly Shaadi.Com executives there! I immediately tweeted to @ShaadiDotCom by attaching the above pics for the #Shaadi Contest-
"'Love arranged by' Loved the concept! Happy to spot the Jodi!"

I got a reply that I needed to post the same from my Facebook account too. As I am not using Facebook, I asked the Shaadi Team if I could register using my hubby's account, a proposal they readily agreed! That's like- 'Shaadi To The Rescue!'

I called up my Hubby, who was out of town, and requested him to do the needful.
He, in turn, sent me his Facebook account credentials. As he was busy (as usual!), he asked me to register myself!

Usually, I abstain myself from doing so his friends had spotted me the last time I had logged on to his FB account to update his Profile picture! They had messaged & I had truthfully acknowledged that their message hadn't reached the intended recipient as it was I who had logged on, and not he! One of them had even replied, 'Oh! Spying on Hubby's account?!'

Anyway, today I had his official permission to log on to his FB account! I posted five updates to his Status Message with all the pics! I clearly mentioned that it was an entry for the #Shaadi contest-


On 13th September, my efforts really bore fruit!
I was THRILLED to be declared as of the WINNERS of of the iPad Mini! 
YAAAY! A BIG WIN thanks to @ShaadiDotCom !

I called up my Hubby and informed him the great news. He didn't have to buy an iPad for me!

On 14th September, my Hubby, who was out of town, messaged me-

Hubby: "What kind of message/picture have you posted on FB? I'm getting all sorts of queries.
                Whose Photo for Shaadi.Com?"

Me: "That Picture was of the Couple who were holding Shaadi.Com Sign-Boards. Had to spot them with the Sign-Boards at the Airport & upload pics on Twitter & FB to WIN iPad! I had briefed you earlier, remember?"

Hubby: "About this Shaadi.Com, people are asking if everything is okay on personal front and if  I'm open to proposals.
I can buy an iPad, but can't afford controversy.
You have got to be careful."

Me: "It was clearly mentioned that it was entry for the #Shaadi Contest for your wife! :)
          You getting Shaadi Proposals till now?"

Hubby: "So far it is male colleagues who are concerned.
               But, you see it is public news now."

(I felt like a culprit who had committed a heinous crime! Why did everyone want to spoil my BIG JOY of winning the iPAD MINI...)

Me: "So strange! Would you like me to post an 'ALL IS WELL' status-message from your FB-account for all the blind people who can't read the sign-boards & the messages?"

Hubby: "Ok"

So I again logged on to Hubby's account and posted the following Disclaimer!

Now I plan to post a link of this Blog-Post as my Hubby's new FB Status-message!
Wait! That's possible if he hasn't changed his FB Password as yet!

HELP! SOS!!! :)



  1. Is it a completely true story!

    1. Yes! Entirely True Story!
      'Truth is Stranger Than Fiction'!
      I could have attached screenshots of Hubby & My conversation had it not been on SMS! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I guess you are finding this difficult to believe!
      I am a sincere advocate of 'Satyameva Jayate' & 'Honesty is the Best Policy'.
      I believe- Honesty is a must for any and every relationship in life- whether 'Blogging' or 'Shaadi'! :)

  3. Congrats sis :) i also try to attempted that contest but unfortunately being not from listed place i quit anyway.. a big congratulation ;) partyyyyyyyy

    1. Thanks Sashi!
      Yes, this Contest was held only in a few cities. Luckily I made it!
      Am sure a BIG prize is waiting for you!!! :)
      I'm always ready to party!!!

  4. Hahaha...been there right throughout the journey...glad you too the risk and actually made it big. Congrats on the Apple ;)


    1. Thanks Sammya!
      Feels special as it's my very 1st Apple product win after years of trying! :)

  5. Congratulations!!! I am sharing my Liebster award and creative blogger award with you!!
    Do check out my post :)

    1. A HUGE Thanks Preethi!
      Am so touched & honored with your special sharing-
      My very 1st- Liebster Award & Creative Blogger Award all thanks to you!
      Will check out your Post soon!
      Thanks again!

  6. Hey...just got a chance to read your post. Your husband seems very co-operative :) it was good fun to read your post...a kind of simple feel good read...congrats in the win!!!!! :)

    1. Yes, Preethi! My hubby is supportive! He has to match up with my niceness!
      Appreciate your appreciation! :)
      Thanks a lot!

  7. A fun read and congrats on your win!

  8. Very nice post!!I hope ur every win makes ur hubby prouder by d day...i pray u win all d best contests in d dat every person who is ur well-wisher will b super-delighted! :)

    1. Thanks for your great wishes, Amrita! Really touched!
      Hope your wishes for me come true! :)
      My Hubby is delighted with this Post & all the nice comments! :)


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading! is a leading popular match-making site of India.
      In this e-age, there will be more strength to such online marriages, fixed conveniently!
      Marriages may be made in Heaven, but technology plays a huge role too! :)

  10. I think you will love this movie, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. If not already seen! :)


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