Saturday 28 September 2013


My ‘Subject’, the 80-years old man with silver-hair, sipped the bright Orange-coloured liquid I handed over to him in a test-tube. 

“Will it work?” I wondered. Then, I wondered why I was wondering this! I have worked so hard on this project for the last 20 years. It has worked on all the creatures I had tested- Mice, Guinea-Pigs, Cats… 

But, Homo-Sapiens are a class of their own. Only God knows what the effect would be on God’s most intelligent-beings on the planet!

“Never play with Nature!” my Professor, a reputed Scientist, had always warned us. 

But, my argument is-
“If we don’t experiment, then how do we know what the nature of Nature is?”

No one knew what I had been up to. All these years I had been leading an ascetic’s life with the sole focus on my Project. I had not published my research findings anywhere. Experience had taught me that there are many copycats out there who would surely plagiarize and claim that my idea is actually their’s! Had happened so many times with me when I never got the credits & awards that I deserved…

Never mind! My time is NOW! I looked anticipatedly at my ‘Subject’. If my concoction works, then I will soon be the richest person on Earth! The entire Beauty & Health Industry would revolve around me! I could imagine my Photo on the cover of the Fortune magazine…

My ‘Subject’ wanted to go home. I allowed him as I myself didn’t know how long the effect of my drink would take- 24 hours, 72 hours, a week or a month? No clue…! 

Perhaps I should have just kept him under observation in my Lab instead of letting him go…

The next two days, I was completely busy documenting all my experimentation, observation and inference. I imagined winning the Nobel Prize…

I heard urgent knocks and impatient doorbells… I rushed to open the door. Standing outside was my ‘Subject’ with an exact replica of himself! My concoction had worked and did have the desired effect, but still I was shocked…It was more than what I had set out for. How did my Subject’s ‘cloning’ happen? 

I soon got my answer. The ‘clone’ turned out to be my Subject’s 40-year old son, who had got my details from his Dad's Diary. 

“Dr.Anita, What have you done to my Dad?” he demanded angrily.

I replied, “He didn’t want to die of old-age. He himself consented to be my ‘Subject’ so that he could halve his age with my concoction!”

Then, turning to my Subject, I asked, “Isn’t it? Why don’t you say something?”

His son said, “He can’t! Not possible as he doesn’t recognize any of us. His memory too has gone back to 40 years ago. He is now in the year 1973…”

A chill ran down my spine…

My Professor’s words rang in my ears- “Never play with Nature!”
Having based my experiments on animals, I had missed the fourth dimension- TIME…
I realized, “Not yet time for my Photo on Fortune magazine or my Nobel Prize…”

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  1. "never play with nature"...great story.. great moral. especially with such development in science and medicine, the moral aspect of such experiments is forgotten in the excitement of discovery and fame :)

    1. Yes Preethi! We haven't bargained for what we will receive by our actions. Can be shocking. Terribly overwhelming.
      Experiment gone totally awry...
      I myself shuddered at the thought while writing the story...

  2. Never play with Nature or Nature will play with you.

    1. Kalpana, We never really know what the nature of Nature will be...

  3. I must say that was extremely interesting and something refreshing. Loved it!

  4. Little more effort and 4th dim. will be taken care too. :)
    Great take on the prompt. Enjoyed the story.

    1. Indrani, That's such a motivating inspiration for Dr.Anita! :)
      Thanks for your '4th Dimension' spent here! Appreciate your comment!

  5. A good piece of fiction. Enjoyed reading it.

  6. wow. interesting read.. nice. keep em coming.

    1. Thanks Ashish for reading. I value your feedback and motivation!

  7. thats what one call a wow post!

  8. Now, that was interesting. A great climax, would say.

    1. Thanks Anoop!
      Yes, The 'Time' factor came as a shock! :)

  9. From 80 to 40......I liked the concept.

    1. Thanks for reading. Appreciate your comment! :)


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