Wednesday 13 December 2023

The Palace Singer

Continuing the story written last month for the Friday Fictioneers-

The Palace Rose Garden- 

When the first-time travellers reached the living-room, they saw a portrait that looked strikingly like Dia!

"Many artists have visited this palace before", Dia continued.

"In the courtyard of this palace, there used to be performances by singers and dancers.

Can you imagine there was a talented singer who could light lamps with his singing!"

Photo Prompt- Susan Rouchard

"Is Dia correct?" one of her group-members asked the guide.

He nodded and said, "My grandfather had shared that his grandfather had personally witnessed the room getting lit when the palace singer sang."

All the travellers gasped.

No one had expected this turn of events.

100 Words story for the Friday Fictioneers

Have continued the story of the past-life connection of Dia.

She has entered the palace for the first time with her friends during their trip. However, mysteriously Dia seems to know quite a lot about the palace and its history.

Whenever I think of lights and singing, I think of Singer "Tansen". He was an excellent singer and one of the "nine jewels" of King Akbar's court. It is said that when Singer Tansen sang "Raag Deepak", lamps got lit. "Deepak" means lamp in Hindi language. The photo-prompt reminded me of Singer Tansen's story that has inspired many.

How will you feel if you witness lamps being lit automatically by the song of a singer?


  1. Personally, I hope to sleep for eternity, not to come back and do it all over again. Though there are some things I remain curious about (like when will we get the flying cars they promised us)

  2. The mystery continues to evolve. What a beautiful legend to light lamps with singing alone. Lovely.

  3. That must be a sight to see!

  4. First time I am hearing light lamps with singing. I have heard it is possible to break a glass by singing. it requires singing at precisely the pitch at which a particular glass resonates and with enough decibels to shatter the glass.

  5. If I witnessed that I'd think someone had slipped drugs into my drink.

  6. That would be amazing to see! Well done.

  7. What a novel idea. Music does light up a room, but not usually so literally. Lovely story.

  8. I too have heard about this.. music lighting up lamps. Wow.

  9. Dear Anita,

    I've heard of singers being able to shatter glass with their voices but never lighting lamps. Intriguing.



  10. What a lovely metaphor. Sometimes singing really does bring light, whether in our hearts or in a lamp doesn't really matter.

  11. Granonine here. Lovely story. I've heard of singers breaking glass, but I think I like lighting lamps better :)

  12. There are some singers who can brighten a room with their voices.

  13. I've been at a dance concert all night and was smiling much of the time and could well imagine could singing being able to turn lights on. Music and dance are so powerful.
    Best wishes,


Your words mean a lot to me.

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