Thursday 21 December 2023

Windows To Bliss

How many have windows to the world?

How many get to see views unfurled?

Many wait for doors to be opened or knocked-

Do they bother why their windows are locked?

What doors can't, won't, & don't, windows do-

But, how'll those who don't value have a clue?

Source: Pexels

Windows have whole new worlds behind...

We need the eyes to see & perhaps find.

Are these windows to new worlds out there?

Or are they windows with the worlds we care?

Thanks to the window I unravel secrets with glee

The window opened the door & way to reach me.

Earlier I was never sure if I could ever do this-

Now I do know there are windows to bliss!

Linking with Friday Writings- You Did It!

What do windows mean to you?


  1. Nice job! I enjoyed your poem. It made me think of what an instructor asked at a writing conference in Columbus Ohio years ago. She said "Are your windows open or closed?"

  2. We don't always know they are there, but what a joy it is to discover those windows.

  3. Be on your toes, the world is waiting just for you.

  4. What joys can be found by looking out the window. Well done, Anita!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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