Saturday 23 December 2023

Another Facebook Post Removed

 Another Facebook post has been removed this year.

This is any social media user/content creator's fear.

They got your post removed as it is a case of violation

You do not even know how & why that's the reason?

Worse- you cannot even see which post they have removed!

Your sincerely composed content is now permanently moved!

Is there no way to get it back from their trash can & reinstate it?

What triggered them to believe that your post is no longer fit?

All these months/years it had existed peacefully in cyber-space!

Now, how & why is it a part of this brand-new violation case?

Whose eyes could not tolerate your words or photographs?

Who reported your post & is merrymaking with the claps & laughs?

Has this happened to you too?

How do I get back the post? Do you have any clue?

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