Wednesday 27 November 2013


I thank BlogAdda & the Judges for choosing me WINNER!
My sincerest thanks to my Blog’s each READER! 
I thank all my Blog’s Critics for their advice! :D
I love All Comments whether nice or not so nice! :D
This BlogAdda Award has made me World-famous!
I thank my Sister for opening my Blogging Account,
I thank my Parents for my life & values that count.
I thank my Brother & my Friends for their vote!
I thank my Hubby, Kid & in-laws for their support!
I thank my PhD Professor&Guide for retaining me,
Though I spent all time Blogging & none for PhD!
Everyone's collaboration made me WIN!
I thank the Hindi Film Industry for Movies & Music! :D
Quoting them in my Posts has worked like magic! :D
I thank Google & Social Networking Sites like Twitter,
For the latest info & pics that made my posts better! :D
I feel blessed & thank GOD for His kindness;
For hope, faith, strength to work hard & patience...

Blogging has helped me sustain, thrive, gain & cope...
Like the 'Last Leaf' in O.Henry's story gave hope!

Blogging Awards are my Gift!

Winning hasn't been easy, I have taken pains;
It explains my career's deserving Blogging gains!
I have forgotten meals- Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner!
Such is my great love for Blogging & to be WINNER!

Sacrificing sleep & ALL-my-time just to write Posts,
No time to even email/call or chill out with my Dosts!
Sorry Family & Friends! Blogging has kept me super-busy!
But, I know my BlogAdda Award win makes you happy! :D

Winning is Music To My Ears!
This BlogAdda Award is my pride & glory! :D
It’s my triumph- my Personal Victory! :D
ALL IS WELL now that I have won! :D
You are all invited to a party! Let’s have fun! :D

Few people, very few, have a treasure, and if you do you must hang on to it.” – Alice Munro

I am hanging on to Blogging & my Awards! :D


This would be My Winning Speech on being rewarded the BlogAdda Blog Award!
Winning is Everything!Top post on, the community of Indian Bloggers


  1. Cute speech :) Hope your winning speech helps you win :P And you should have included your Femina cover in your winning speech. You look awesome in it :D

    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway with some amazing prizes on my blog Hope you participate!

    1. Thanks Khushboo for your great compliment & wish! :)
      (Femina's awesome team makes everyone look great, just like their mag!)

      Wish Winning was that easy- just 'write a winning speech & win a major Blogging Award' sounds really good! But, such Awards are earned by loads of hard-work & passion!

      Yes, will check out your giveaway. Thanks for the info. Best wishes to you! :)

  2. May you get to use this speech!

    1. That's such a great wish! Thank you so much :)
      (If your wish comes true, party!!!)

  3. Good one!
    A standing ovation from me! :)

  4. Ah! That is so honest :)
    Loved it :D

    1. Thanks Bhavya :)
      Looks like you have been there & done that! :)

  5. That's the Oscar speech :) Congrats for winning the award !!

    1. Thanks Jahid:)
      You really felt I have WON?!!! Proves that my Speech looks genuine :)
      (It's an entry for BlogAdda 'contest'!)

  6. Aww, congrats and nice one :)

  7. A very sweet winning speech... Congos dear! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Slowly but loudly, right Anil?! Thunderous applause :)

  9. Haha :) that was so cute and funny Anita ! All the best for the contest! :)

    1. Thanks Pallavi :) But, it's my true story- really skipped meals & sleep for Blogging (for contests!) :)

  10. Wish u all the success...!!!

  11. That was such a cute rhyming post! Inspired! :D

  12. Very sweet! Hope you get to use it soon! :)

    1. Thanks Seeta :) Sweet wish! Hope the same for you! Party-time!!! :)

  13. That's a cute winning speech : ! What about the Femina mag cover..? hehe..

    1. Thanks Maniparna :) That's 'cover-page' as winner; now time for 'web-page' :)
      Winning the BlogAdda Award would mean getting featured there... :)

  14. Lovely speech. May you get to use it.

    1. Thanks Kiran :) Great wish! Wish you the same :)

  15. The speech itself is award winning, very seriously. And all the best lady for times to come :-)


    1. Thanks Richa! So glad that it you liked the award-winning speech :) Best wishes to you too :)

  16. Congrats on Winning the Award and also those Nexus 7 tabs (me too winner, see

    A good, happy and emotional speech, Anita. I know you must have spent a humongous amount of time and energy on blogging to win that award !

    I am taking my tiny steps into pro blogging now. Please visit here:

    and comment and SHARE if you like it.

    1. Thanks Manu for visiting my Blog & for your awesome comment :)
      Congrats for your Nexus win :) Yes, I did find your help in Vijay's page. It certainly guided me. Thanks :)

      Please do note that this POEM is an imaginary Post written for a Contest! But, it does have my true descriptions :)
      Having spent all the time I could for my Posts, I can vouch that it's effective :)
      However, still miles to go with lots of hard-work to win such prestigious Awards!

      I will check out your Blog soon :) Best wishes to you :)

    2. @Anita, Just noticed your pic on that Femina cover page. cool. you are famous !

      Thank you for checking out my blog, and writing positive comments.

      It's encouraging for me as a beginner. Hope you would also share it with your fellows/bloggers.


    3. Thanks a lot, Manu!
      Winning major contests does earn us fame :)
      The techie in me loved your Blog :) Do follow the info I have shared.
      Keep Blogging & sharing! Best wishes :)

  17. Anita madam

    Hearty congratulations to you for this prestigious Blog Award.

    Anita madam you are covering so many topics in your blog which are useful to many persons and due to this reason you bag this Award.

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    1. Srinivasu,
      My Post was just a Speech for BlogAdda :) Please note- I HAVE NOT WON any such Award!
      Thanks for visiting & for sharing your views & wishes. I am elated that my Speech appears so realistic! Great that you find my Blog useful :)
      I am touched by your extremely kind words :) Best wishes to you too!
      I will visit your Blog now. Thanks :)

    2. Anita madam

      Thanks for your precious comments to my messages and also for joining as a member to my Heritage of India blog.

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    3. Srinivasu,
      Appreciate your efforts for popularising & sharing info about Indian Heritage. I have visited your site and found well-researched content. Keep it up!
      I am still a Research Scholar. :)

    4. Anita madam

      Please look into my latest post "The Ramakien - Thailand Ramayana".

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    5. This looks interesting. Will do. Thanks for the info. :)

    6. Anita madam

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  18. I nominated you for the Liebster award. You can collect your award here.

    1. Thanks a lot Kiran! Honored :) Your Award is precious to me. Need some time to collect my Award though... Thanks again :)

  19. WOW! May you win, is all I can say Anita.

    1. Thanks Saru for your WOW comment! Means a lot coming from a major winner. :)

  20. OMG! This is sch a wonderful and creative post! May U plz win d award and I hope the world hears this speech 'Aapki zubaani'! :D

    1. Thanks Amrita for the appreciation! That's such a great wish! May your words come true. Then, we party! :)

  21. May every wish of urs, comes alive
    And may thee forever, in verses, survive :p It definitely does not mean I want to u d-- soon. :p But I really wish u win th contest (coz m not takibg part in it) :p nyways, thats a separate issue :p Btw, where can I see Dr. Anita on some cover?? Links?? :p

  22. May every wish of urs, comes alive
    And may thee forever, in verses, survive :p
    It definitely does not mean I want to u d-- soon. :p
    But I really wish u win th contest (coz m not takibg part in it) :p
    nyways, thats a separate issue :p
    Btw, where can I see Dr. Anita on some cover?? Links?? :p

    1. Thanks Arish for the support & motivation!
      I am yet to be Dr.- looking for the magic potion!!!
      Remember, I spent all my time for Blogging
      & none for PhD that's so upsetting :)
      The party can't last forever like this!
      Earning the Dr. Title will be bliss!:)
      Just managed to be on the cover of Femina so far...
      Also featured in the pages of Comptn Success Review- CSR :)
      Need to work hard & smart & achieve more
      If I have to feature on any mag's/newspaper's cover! :) :P

    2. Don't wry... Akeli padhai ka b kya faida? Aish b krni chahiye :)
      U surely gonna make up to magazines someday (Y)

    3. Thanks Arish :)
      Such lovely wish!
      Fills me with bliss :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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