Sunday 10 September 2017

Sunrise At Gopalpur-on-Sea

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The holiday was special and meant a lot,
We would get to unwind in the scenic spot.
The resort room was comfortable and cozy,
The experience was delightful and rosy.

The stars winked and the moon shone extra bright,
Gopalpur-on-Sea waters sparkled in the moonlight.
Soothing lullaby of the waves hypnotized deep!
The luxurious night invited us to rest and sleep.

Though I had decided to wake up before sunrise,
Letting go of wishes, I shut my eyes feeling nice!
My body cajoled- "Please let me sleep late!"
"If not one sunrise, another will soon be in fate!"

I was up early- at dawn much to my surprise!
Body and mind- super-charged for the sunrise!
I rushed to the beach and waited for the magic,
Many were glued for the sun's appearance-trick!

Ah! Vibrant colours in the sky and the first sun-rays!
Feel blessed to receive gifts thanks to nature's grace.
As the sun made its presence felt bit by bit in style,
Golden sands glittered; my face lit up with a smile!
This sunrise is different, like every other sunrise is.
Everyday such cool opportunities are ours to kiss!
Enjoy the moments; gather such unique memories,
Life is beautiful with moments to cherish like these!

Do you remember any special sunrise of your life? Do you enjoy such moments? Do share your memories in the comments below.

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This post expresses just a fraction of my memories of the wonderful time I had at my last holiday at Mayfair Resorts in Gopalpur-On-Sea in Odisha, India. It's a wonderful place that you must visit! More about Gopalpur in my future posts!


  1. I live to the far north.. so sunrise occurs very early in the morning in summer.... But in winter I will ride to work and meet the sun rising.

  2. A beautiful poem, with glorious photos to accompany it. I enjoyed this post very much.

  3. They appear to have been lovely sunrises..Beautiful pictures.

  4. When we are near the ocean, I usually get up for the sunrise. Nice set of pictures to match the poem describing the rising sun.

  5. Oh what a beautiful poetic memory with great photos to match Loved it

  6. It is my favorite part of the day ~ Love it specially when I also the moon from the other side of the sky ~

  7. Aaah...these are the moments for making memories. Love the beautiful lines & the amazing photos.

  8. Hi ANita,

    I have nominated you guys for the Liebster award. (

    Hope you do accept it and link me back with the reply.


  9. Beautifully penned how it feels to bathe in the early morning sunrays.

  10. Love your sweet poem. The second stanza exudes lovely imagery!

  11. Thanks for sharing the sunrise with me.

  12. Blogging is that the new poetry. I notice it terrific and wonderful in some ways.

  13. I'm glad that you shared this useful info with us. thank you keep blogging...yacht rentals

  14. What a beautiful poem, Anita! And lovely photos. Watching sunrise keeps one cheerful the whole day.

  15. Nice one. I am reminded of my college days in Berhampur when we used to frequent the beach.

  16. Oh ! What an experience and what a poetic way to narrate ! And the pictures are the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Sunrise and sunset the two most beautiful views everyone can see


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