Sunday 4 June 2017

Judge Me Not

Don't judge me by my attire or my looks,
Or on my choice of food, movies or books!
Judging minus authority; has poor accuracy.
There's a kaleidoscopic me that you can't see...

You don't know the reason I have behaved such;
Why to you my word or sentence appears "too much"?
If you or your loved one had said or acted the same,
Things would be absolutely fine & you'd be game!

Why the urge to lacerate & indulge in dissection?
Do you have the free time or do you consider it fun?
Feel you know me in & out? Try walking in my shoes!
You aren't being paid to be a 'Judge'; nothing to lose!

Why increasing our world's "Judge" population?
Be constructive; make an intentional contribution!
One "Judge" less & may it trigger a chain reaction-
Extra empathy, integrity & sense for every person!

Never be a party to insensitive faulty judgment blues.
We are responsible for our behaviour & what we choose.
Rejoice when character assassination & judgment ends!
Be yourself & let others be...Just chill my friends!!!

Do you like to judge people or are you non-judgmental? Do share your comments.

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  1. I try as much not to judge anyone, hard to do at certain times, I must admit. Greetings!

  2. Absolutely hard-hitting Anita. The negative people who keep judging must read this amazing poem.

  3. I wish we could have a world without "Judges" :)

  4. how true I try to rememeber judge not lest you be judged.

  5. Thought-provoking post, Anita. Your poem made me think whether decision-making is making judgment or not.

  6. Wonderful poem. I try my best not to judge people.

  7. Intense poem, Anita! I try my best to not judge myself and accept myself in whole with kindness and compassion. I believe when we are more accepting and more appreciative of our own self (flaws and all), we tend to judge people less and love them more.

  8. Judging fairly is ultimately an illusion. But, one can at least avoid forming opinion based on one's outer looks and behaviour.

  9. I seldom judge anyone, never when I don't know the person. We really have no idea what someone might be going through.

    Very good, thought-provoking composition.

  10. I learnt it the hard way to NOT judge.. sometimes what we see is not what reality is .. and as such the job i do have to keep in mind what has happened just before and after tooo :)

    good one



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