Sunday 1 October 2017

Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone

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A Std-IX girls party was on in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

"Truth or Dare?"

When Siddha chose "Truth", her friends asked her to reveal a secret.
She had to share a secret which she never wanted anyone to know.

The honest girl that she was, Siddha did share what she had kept hidden for long.
Even her closest friends did not know.

"My nickname is 'Bayani'."

There was a pin-drop silence and then all the girls burst out laughing. 

'Bayani' means 'mad girl' in Odia language.
It is quite the same as the word 'Pagli' in Hindi language.
Anyone who knew Siddha, could vouch how mismatched her nickname was with her know-it-all and responsible personality. Her great grandmother had zestfully nicknamed her 'Bayani' and the name had stuck with her extended family. Her parents called her 'Siddha'- that means 'an ascetic who has achieved enlightenment'. 

The girls were laughing out loud as if it was the funniest joke they had heard.
 "Shhh! Don't tell anyone," Siddha requested.

She didn't know that a secret is 'something that everyone tells everyone not to tell anyone...'

From the very next day, the whole school started calling Siddha as 'Bayani'.

Siddha was not only the School-Topper in Std-X Board Exams, but she was the State-Topper also.

But, she had to live with 'Bayani' prefixed to her name instead of the 'Topper' prefix.
Freshers party was on in the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines.

"Truth or Dare?"

When Siddha chose "Truth", her friends asked her to reveal something that had hurt her a lot and how she had overcome it.

Siddha shared the above 'Bayani' story.
There was a huge round of applause. Some in the audience were screaming - "Hero! Hero!"

Then, the hostess announced that in Filipino, the meaning of the name 'Bayani' is: "The Hero".

Have you ever faced any issues because of your name? Would you like to change your name? Have you ever found a name funny and laughed at someone's name? Do share in the comments below.
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  1. Wow! It's a fantastic twist in the story! I love your articles for this positivity you pass on!

    So, you know Philipino?!

    1. Thank you so much for your nice words, Sindhu :)

      No, I don't know Filipino.
      I wanted to write a story about a girl with her nickname as 'Bayani' i.e. 'Pagli'/Mad girl. When I looked up 'Bayani' online, I got to learn its meaning in Filipino!
      This shows the beauty of languages and our world :)

  2. brilliant!! i love the twist!
    names have different meanings in different cultures.. this helps in branding exercises also.. for example : Nokia Lumia didn't click in a country where lumia meant something bad!

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your maiden visit to my Blog, Anu :)
      True. Names have different meanings in different languages. Brands have to be very careful.
      Some words have drastically different meanings & usage in different areas. Some others have the same meaning- e.g. Hindi word 'Pagli' means the same i.e.'idiot, stupid' in Guyana and is used by West Indians! Our world is an interesting place indeed!

  3. Lol, I have seen many people who got bullied by their names but it doesn't mean that we started to change this just because of some people.


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