Friday 12 July 2013

Lootera Film Review

LOOTERA - 2013 Hindi Film Review

I watched Lootera (English meaning- Robber) last week, yet have taken nearly a week to write its review. All these days, Lootera has stayed with me; my mind surprisingly replaying the brilliant images and ideas expressed! First, Lootera is such a beautiful masterpiece that it deserves to be seen. Second, I never wish to divulge the main story lest readers are tempted to skip the movie-viewing experience and miss out what's mentioned in the first point above! Lootera is Picture-Perfect, like turning the pages of a FairyTale Book!

Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) is the pampered only child of the Zamindar of Manikpur, Barun RoyChoudhury (Barun Chanda). Father-Daughter duo have a good life except for Pakhi's occasional health problem-Tubercolosis- that needs injections to be administered. Pakhi's misadventure at the wheel causes the Hero's fall as soon as he enters the frame! Hero is a dashing young archaeologist, Varun Srivastav (Ranveer Singh). Varun & his friend, Dev (Vikrant Massey) are welcomed to charm their way & get everyone floored! The Zamindar offers them a room in the ground floor in his Haveli, while Pakhi bridges the gap from the first floor to the ground floor! Pakhi comes across as a strong character- who drives Car, is well-educated at Shantiniketan, can recite poetry, get whatever she demands from her doting dad... Pakhi has a new favorite past-time- constantly watching what the new guests are up to from her window! Pakhi has eyes only for Varun! It may be noted that the lead pair's relationship is majorly due to Pakhi's initiative. It is she, who bridges the gap, by starting to help Varun for the 'masterpiece'. Painting Classes are a medium to spend time together, converse & get closer.  On the first day of the Painting class, Pakhi behaves as though she's a new bride out to meet her hubby for the first time! As the meetings & outings flourish, love blossoms & marriage is fixed. However, this love-story does not have a 'and they lived happily ever after' ending as Varun clandestinely leaves after having stolen the most precious thing in the world- a woman's heart- Pakhi's heart & also her soul & after playing with their trust. 
Few months later, Pakhi is in Dalhousie, as an aspiring writer. Varun & Dev land up for PG accommodation. After all the heart-break, Pakhi still has affection for Varun; else she'd have informed his whereabouts to the Policeman (Adil Hussain) when the latter calls her up . That'd have been the end of the story! But, Pakhi is destined to live more so that she can 'write an extra book' (like her Doctor Uncle, Dr.Mongia advises her) Varun's entry helps her overcome her writers'-block as words start flowing smoothly from her pen. Intimate scenes between the Lootera vagabond & the rich heiress are strained as Varun overpowers Pakhi and tries to save her life. O Henry's famous story, 'The Last Leaf' has been incorporated.

So many questions in your mind!- Does the last leaf last?! What happens to Varun? Does Pakhi inform the Police? Does Police give Varun bail or freedom? Does Varun apologise to Pakhi? Does Pakhi forgive Varun? Does Varun create his masterpiece? Does Varun turn into a new leaf? Is Pakhi's illness cured? Do Pakhi & Varun start a new life together? If no, who deserts whom?

Who is the real Lootera? Varun or Pakhi? I feel Pakhi is the bigger Lootera as she looted the heart of an experienced Lootera! So great was the love for her that it sprang an oasis in the barren-desert-heart-of-a-hardcore-seasoned-Lootera!

Part-I of the tale is set in rural-Bengal. Cleverly shot with just one Haveli, one vintage Car & one antique Radio ruling in the shots! There's also a mint copy of the Statesman newspaper that announces the all-important Act. The actors are dressed authentically. .Sonakshi looks lovely in bright beautiful sarees, happily upholding the motto- 'Sawaar Lu'! Seeing her, even I am inspired to wear my sarees! Vikrant Massey has done excellent imitation of Dev Anand. Part-II has a deep blanket of snow & heavy snowfall & of course the Tree & the Last Leaf! For me, the white Snow background was reminiscent of the film, Fanaa, where Aamir Khan's character is also seen working in the snow, something that Ranveer's character does in Lootera!

Lootera is aesthetically made with great attention to details. In this review, many things remain unsaid or Ankahee from my end! However, nothing remains 'Ankahee' with the details and performances in Lootera. Facial expressions are so natural in the main actors. Special mention to the Music Director, Amit Trivedi, for soul-stirring music that speaks for itself, even when there are no words! Kudos to the Director, Vikramaditya Motwane, the Cinematographer, Mahendra Shetty, the lead actors & all the cast & crew for this lyrical poem set in scenic finery! If you have not yet watched it, do go & watch!

Takeaway: Give Love a chance. Keep the Faith & the Trust!

I leave you with two thoughts-

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." - George MacDonald

"Character makes trust possible & trust is the foundation of leadership." - John Maxwell


  1. You have beautifully stitched the movie with your words. Next time I need to watch a movie I know which reviews to check out. Excellent work Anitaji :)

  2. Thanks Alfred! The movie is beautiful & so is your comment! Thanks for your encouragement! Hope the future ones live up to your expectations!


Your words mean a lot to me.

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