Friday 29 August 2014

I Am A World Explorer!

The Explorer in me loves sparkling & spectacular experiences!
DreamWorks Animation Studios always captures my senses!

@DWAnimation is a part of my life every day.
If I hear the word KungFu, ‘KUNGFU PANDA’ I say!

The word Dragon makes me recollect- ‘HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON’ movie,
Words- Ants ‘ANTZ’, Shark ‘SHARK TALE', Bee ‘BEE MOVIE’...



I was born in a Chinese Year of the Dragon!
I love Dragons & have written Dragon-stories that are fun! 

I'm one who believes in the beauty of dreams & says cheese.
I love movies A LOT & for them I can even cross the seas!

As a World Explorer, to spot Dragons, I have travelled near & far…
The DreamWorks Animation Studios Tour- I wish upon a star! 

I’m a #WorldExplorer & Planet Earth is my family, my team!
A visit to the DreamWorks Animation Studios is my dream!

Lovely if my dream comes true & I get to go with my daughter.
DreamWorks Animation Studios will inspire the aspiring film-maker.


We'll gather sparkling DreamWorks memories day & night!
We'll fly & "Test Drive" in the sky with "Romantic Flight"!

There'll be no "Forbidden Friendship" "This Time For Sure"
Our trip to DreamWorks Studios will be a gift, a boon, a cure...


Our voyage of Discovery, Knowledge & Serendipity,
A Tour of @DWAnimation will bridge Fantasy to Reality! 

Wanna try a motion capture camera in the Studios,
And capture live-action reference performance like the film shows. 

Prez Barack Obama in his visit in Nov 2013, had tried the same!
Like him, for experiencing @DWAnimation Studios, we are game!

We’ll get to meet & greet so many creative-brains!
Winning this #WorldExplorer contest trip means GAINS!

Wanna see the big picture, capture photos & videos & learn.
To visit the @DWAnimation is what creative-lovers yearn! 
Download Dragons Adventure World Explorer
Dear @DWAnimation Studios, I wish to see your world unbelievable!
Winning this contest, for this fan from Incredible India, will be incredible!

I’ll teach some Bollywood dance-steps & sing songs from Hindi Movies!
I’ll get Indian sweets, treats & delicacies that’ll make everyone say Cheese!

Wanna train the Dragons & teach them how to say ‘Namaste’!
Please invite ME to your studios in LA & make my day!

Using my Lumia, my awesome trip & travel details I’d love to share.
I’ll Blog & Tweet & post pics about DreamWorks Studio with flair!  

1-2-3-4 I really love to EXPLORE!
I am a #WorldExplorer, do I need to say any more?

reamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Choose me for this opportunity to visit your world of creativity!
Do make a tour of the DreamWorks Animation Studios my reality!

It has to be ME joining @Nokia @DWAnimation in LA.
I have- My 12 Most Important Reasons to Visit LA right away!



  1. Lol!! I loved it!! Winning entry <3 All the best, Anita.

    1. Thanks a lot, Shalini! Wishes much needed :)
      Hope the judges feel so too & your words come true :)

  2. quite an unique take it is .. all the best for contest :)

    1. Thanks Ankur for your appreciation & wishes :)

  3. oooh i would love to have a dragon of my own :) best wishes Anita ...



Your words mean a lot to me.

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