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I was very disappointed to see the row concerning UPSC.

The Prelims exam is just a few days away & yet the examinees are in a world of their own...

Are they interested only for their unjust demands & unreasonable selfish-interests  at the cost of our nation?
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I shared this tweet on Twitter:


I got many responses to my tweet.

One of them, N asked- Is this passage difficult?

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N also shared the following "OPEN LETTER TO THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA" with me:

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I agree with all the six points presented above.

The Civil Services Exam is the "Mother-of-all-Exams."

Many good students have failed to crack it...

Source: IBN Live

The Exam has been conducted for years. CSAT was introduced in 2011, during the Congress regime.

Why the sudden hungama?

Some students want the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), which they feel is a glaring disadvantage to students from non-English backgrounds, to be scrapped.
The demand was to drop those 8-9 basic questions that test Class-X-level English in the English-component of CSAT.

Though the government announced on August 4th 2014 that the marks in the English language comprehension skills of the UPSC aptitude test will not be included in the merit list, it couldn't appease the protestors.

Clearly, a section of the populace bears intense grudge against the English language.

UPSC row: ABVP says fight not against English, but poor translation
If "poor translation" is the case, just get proper translation done of the concerned sections. That should solve the problem rather than scrapping the entire CSAT paper or some of its sections.

demanded that aspirants who had appeared for the exam in 2011 be given a special chance as they were the first ones to sit for the newly-implemented CSAT.

Read more at:
Government agreed to the ABVP demands & approved- "Aspirants who had appeared the Exam in 2011 will be given another chance."
Advantage for the 'unfortunate' examinees, the first ones to sit for the newly-implemented CSAT then.
All these years there were no demands...
Though govt announced that the marks in the English language of UPSC test will not be included in the merit list, the protestors remained far from satisfied.

By kowtowing to the sudden demands of the students, what is the Govt trying to prove?
ABVP also demanded that aspirants who had appeared for the exam in 2011 be given a special chance as they were the first ones to sit for the newly-implemented CSAT.

Read more at:
demanded that aspirants who had appeared for the exam in 2011 be given a special chance as they were the first ones to sit for the newly-implemented CSAT.

Read more at:

Who are the students to dictate what they would like to be evaluated about & how they wish the Exam to be conducted? 
Can the protestors be satisfied even if their demands are met?
Absurd demands are like a bottomless pit!
Still, the protests continue...

The repercussions are terrible...

As per The Economic Times, "Protest over UPSC : India debates whether to study English or not."

As per IAS officer, Srivatsa Krishna, "UPSC and CSAT are not for castaways, Civil Services must pick the best".

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Article by Srivatsa Krishna ; Source

"Most of the politicians trying to champion the cause of Hindi and regional language students in the ongoing UPSC row have sent their own children to the best English medium schools and colleges in the country"

Pro English?
Source : Daily Mail

CSAT was introduced by the UPSC in the year 2011 when there was Congress Govt. at the Centre.
What happened to the same Ministers & MPs then, who are now protesting tooth & nail? 
All these years they had no problems with the UPSC!

Now, some ministers are demanding that the Exams be conducted with translation in ALL the languages!

I was surprised to see famous QuizMaster, Derek O'Brien also in the list...

As per Derek O'Brien:

"Just like the optional subject papers in the main examination can be answered in any one of many Indian languages listed in the Eighth Schedule, there should be - from 2015 - provision for translation of the preliminary examination papers as well. Candidates should be able to appear for the two papers in their mother tongue or the language of their choice, not just English or Hindi. "

Mr. Derek O'Brien, I have been a participant in many of your quizzes.
My question to you is:

Contestants from every state had to understand your Quiz Questions that have always primarily been in English.
You yourself have admitted so many times in your Quiz-shows that your "Hindi is weak".
Towards the end of the BQC TV-Show, you roped in Ms.Soumya Tandon as your co-host, who read out the same Questions, translated in Hindi, for the benefit of the students.
But, did you conduct your Quiz-Questions in ALL THE LANGUAGES TO BE FAIR TO ALL?
No, Sir.
Because English & Hindi are more than sufficient for Quiz Questions & translations in other languages are not needed...
Why the demand for UPSC?

We never expect selfish vote-bank politics & decisions. 
Why can't we NOT politicize important examinations? 

Why the mad political machinations & manipulations?
Exam should be as per expert recommendations...

Why can't India/Indians follow rules like the other nations? 
Why does our steel-frame face such trials & tribulations?

So sad to see the news & to read in the newspapers that the UPSC protestors adopted vandalism & violent means & torched buses & police chowk...
What sort of an irresponsible behaviour is this?
And to say, these people are Civil Services Aspirants...

People who shy away from merit & competence.
People who believe in rote-learning & playing safe, staying in their comfort-zone, reading from photocopied notes.
People who are not confident or do not possess cognitive & analytical skills.
People who are mentally challenged & intellectually sluggish- can't even learn middle-school English.
People who are averse to change, that is required for the better.
People who oppose recommendations & suggestions of experienced professionals.
People who waste their time & energy & our nation's as well.
People who cause shock & shame & spoil the name & play blame-game.
People who practice loser-tactics like- "Naach na jaane, aangan tedha". (Blame the floor when they don't know how to dance.)

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Here's my RAKHI for UPSC & also for all similar institutions that are threatened... 
The Steel-Frame of India needs protection...
May you uphold your integrity & be strong & save yourself from harmful elements. 
"Tough times don't last, Tough People do." 

Stay Blessed... 
Best wishes to you.

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  1. You sure did gud Anita. Wonder if ur silly brothers will heed to ur Rakhi like how Humayun heard Rani Karnawati's call maybe 500 years ago they say.
    Problem with us Indians is that more than action we believe in creating dramas of all kinds. Anything is becoming an issue today. What will come next...All students scoring more than 70% should be disqualified...or else how will our poor weak brothers compete...hahahaha wait and see Anita...wait and watch all the drama...
    This agitation as of many others there is a lot more than we poor readers and viewers will ever be able to figure out the full truth of. From all you know our poor brothers r used as a pawn by these coaching institutes that have mushroomed all over. But then how do we get to know the full true story when everything is a political set up...a documented, framed, concocted set up...
    BTW i think our entire education system which is still following the Macaulay’s had to be looked into right after we achieved independence...which we did not. We kept following the same '' form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern ; a class of persons Indians in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect..."
    Anita...don't worry this will subside...this agitation. Some JIGGERY POCKERY will happen behind the scenes and the storm will subside...we will not know but it will happen. But blessings be to our diligent brothers they will write the Exams and fare well coming out with flying colors in that.
    i am more worried about the 'reservation' issue. If nothing proper if done today it will lead to a lot of bloodshed later. i am not against 'reservation' but it should not be done just on grounds of caste now...maybe economic level should be the consideration...
    Loved ur Rakhi thought though and along with you i join in to convey my best wishes too to all the brothers...the agitating to calm down and go in for real action instead of inaction. Best Wishes to one and all for the CSAT. :)

    1. Thanks Shivani for your detailed candid comment.
      My Rakhis this RakshaBandhan go to all institutions like UPSC that need protection as their expert recommendations are quashed by vested political interests.
      All this is unfortunately at our nation's cost.
      So, our nation also needs our Rakhis & our prayers...

      English is much needed. India has to be globally competitive.
      You are very correct that all this is drama.
      No social inclusion or empathy consideration, rather killing talent & merit...
      I agree with your views that this is a political set up with "JIGGERY POCKERY".
      I have my own doubts if any of the protestors will qualify in this Exam...
      Yes, best wishes to all the candidates of the UPSC Exam & may the most deserving emerge successful.
      Our India needs a STRONG STEEL FRAME :)

  2. I have been a civil service aspirant .. a hindi medium student and I know what the hell is the thing UPSC .. and if you leave this political drama apart then I strongly belive that this whole exam process needs a total overhaul .. the toppersare getting hardly 50%-53% .. and yes the paper level is not of 10th level remove this galatfahmi .. just picking one passage and claiming that exam is of 10th standard .. toh bhaiya iske aage main kuchh nahi bolungi .. the chairman of UPSC shriman D.P. agrawal himself stated once tht we need engineers and doctors .. what does that means .. you dnt humanities students .. why.. what wrong they have done . just because they are not able to solve college level statistic and diagram charts etc question .. yes my frnd college level stat.. those who saying its 10th lewvel toh bhaiya mujhe bhi thoda coaching do coz mujhe aur mere jaise bahuto ko fail karne wala culprit yahi tha .. do refer a recent (maybe kal ka ) The Hindu's article on this issue.. how since 2010 Hindi medium candidates are decerasing .. and this year that is 2013 .. it was a clear slaughter of hindi medium .. yes I will call it slaughter .. no better words .. and let me tell you one more thing .. every single aspirant of UPSC knows this fact that english medium students always has an upper hand in examination... I myself was advised a couple of frnds (frm eng med) to change my medium to english if I want to score better marks but I dint ... this is the PT exam biggest culprit .. yes it is a bitter truth

    1. Bhavana, Thanks for sharing your views.
      First, let me clarify that I too have been a Civil Services Aspirant & despite my English Medium education & having been a good sincere student & a University topper, I was unable to qualify even in the Prelims... No question to sit for the Mains unless the Prelims is cleared...
      I had taken my attempts before the CSAT was introduced in 2011.
      Also, I never got to learn by how many marks I missed to qualify for the Prelims as that time they didn't reveal our scores...
      Will I succeed now that the pattern has been changed with CSAT & more focus on GS? Alas I don't qualify the age-limit now...

      The Exam pattern is decided by expert-committees.
      Humanities students & those taking up Languages as Optionals have scored high marks, with the latter scoring insane marks as compared to the rest.
      Many English Medium Students sit for the Exam, but are all succeeding?
      If one is unable to solve school/college level questions, how can she/he study financial statements of companies etc & help take decisions or give advice for our country?
      -> This is common irrespective of which Medium we are from...
      From my personal experience, I feel the Vernacular Medium students have a better grasp of problem-solving in Science & Maths. I found they were at an advantage at College than English Medium pass-outs like me...

      UPSC has been changing the pattern from 2008 onwards so as to deter rote-learning & candidates mugging-up from coaching-institutions notes...
      We need well-rounded-personalities & original thinkers who can think on their feet & use their brains for the development of our country.
      From 2008 onwards, those relying on rote & notes have been at a disadvantage.

      But, just think of this- Exams ought to change to keep up with the times.
      This Exam needs the best brains as they are the ones going to help in decision-making.
      How can we compromise on the language & analytical skills?
      This is a question of our country's honor.

      From my experience & what I have learnt- I can vouch that this Exam needs 100% focus & persistence. Any candidate who pays that high price of sincere preparation- (Prepare very well, know everything about India, practice writing & solving question-papers) should succeed.
      My advice- "Work hard & smart."
      If you are taking the exam, my best wishes to you.

    2. Hey Anita .. good to know taht you have also been part of this UPSC journey .. and I am also outta this race now due to age limit and obviously have used all four attempts.. perhaps we have a little difference of opinion on this subject we have sailed in the same ocean in different boats ..I don't know about otyher IIT Jee etc but this exam needs a big change .. 4PT and two mains and then state exam taught methat its not hardwork but as us aid luck factor works as well.. its not hindi vs english or maths engineering vs humanities its about the process of selection ... maths students feel tht history polity qstns are getting too much space and we humanities students feel tht maths is too tough ... every year question papers setting new level of tough questions and theri respective answers .. GS papers has become a joke coz they can ask anything whatever will come into theri mind and yes why to forget the increasing number of questions in mains and the required writing speed .. word limit and presentation bla bla bla .. what exactly UPSC is looking for .. this is the bigger question than any CSAT. have nice day .. lets end this debate here. have a great day.. :)

    3. Always great to hear from you, Bhavana.
      Wish there was a foolproof method of Exam-conduction & selection of candidates.
      Just because someone misses to qualify by 1-2 marks, she/he can't fulfill the dream, though if selected, she/he may have proved to be a better candidate for India...
      Best of luck to us!
      I believe- 'Everything happens for a reason'.
      May the reasons be good enough :)

    4. Hello Bhavana i have read your comments .. I wonder what will happen to the PUNJABI medium students then, will they have something special done for them or other medium schools .. i just wonder..

    5. Bikram, It all depends on the attitude actually. No one is inferior. If Ekalavya could prove himself to be the best archer, so can any student with will-power, dedication & discipline...

      I hope all Medium-Schools feel confident to take the Exams. May no one accuse anyone of favoritism...
      May it be totally merit-based with the best getting a chance to form the steel-frame...

  3. This bloody CSAT is doing nothing but giving a cutting edeg to Eng background candidates .. and do u know how it is .. coz the rest GS paper is hell hell tough .. do read those question papers... its only maths and reasonoing tht is helping ppl to get through the PT .. so in that stituation if one is not able to crack maths thn he/she should be outta race .. no matter how good command he/she posses on other topics.. I have seen eng background candidates .. having no clarity on basic concept .. cant make indepth analysis yet making it to the mains this fair ?????? your toppers ahib is hardly getting 53% marks and you call it afair system .. we needa complete change .. we need a new UPSC .. we need a new exam system.. and yes yesterday I read an article througn indiblogger a man saying Hinid is dominating English eliminating english and other such thing.. first I felt anger then I laughed and then I felt sympathy for all those who were blindly favouring him and saying that good administration need English.. I am also a aprt of administrative service s (RAS officer) and therefore I know ki english ki kahaan aur ktini zarurat hai .. if tht guy would have said that we need regional languages then I could have agree but saying thta English is necessary is the biggest mistake... at grass root level no englis gitar pitar helps us .. only our working skils, our hardwork and understanding of issues can take us through

    1. This is what a section of the populace feels.
      I feel basic English is needed everywhere, but some services like the IFS need quality English as they represent our country abroad.
      Maybe they can give weightage depending on the service they are selecting for. Lower English-weightage for those services that need grass-roots-level work etc.
      True that the entire Education system needs focus.
      Kids ought to be taught based on their aptitude so that we have focused individuals.

  4. and yes this is not a new problem or saying tht earlier there were no questions about exam pattern and results would be a complete eyewash .. before this CSAT .. some subjects like public admin and scince stream subject held an upper hand and history pol sci etc were doomed .. disparities were there .. but people were still having faith but after seeing this PT exam pattern that hope ahs been gone.. UPSC is the baap of all exam.. it sucks the most beautiful years of your life, energy, money and hopes.. and aspirants have chose this path with theri own choice kisi ne invitation nahi diya isliye ek fair playing field toh ummeed kar his akte hain .. UPSC itself needs changes and this is the call of hour .. apne hi desh mein Hindi itni begaani kyo .. I know a topper of few years back.. he made it to 2nd rfank coz he managed to get 400+ marks in his optionals and thts it game over .. his essay marks intvw marks were pathetic but he is a topper thanks to his eng/maths optional.. so is this fair ??? is this justice.. before precahing to Hindi medium ppl .. try to understand their plight.. do take a tour of Mukherjee nagar and meet the hindi medium students .. what has brought them on streets.. ???

    1. Yes there are some so-called 'scoring' subjects :)
      What is scoring for one person, may not be for another.
      Interests & aptitudes also count.
      Plus, some language papers are scored very high.
      There has to be uniformity in marking & paper-correction.
      (My subject has been Public Administration in which I have done MA & MPhil.)
      But, students from Pol. Sc. & Psychology etc have also done well.
      Actually, it also depends on the drive & luck-factor of the student.

      Good that the UPSC has reduced the importance of Optionals & emphasizes on current-affairs.
      Another point-
      Why no outrage over Exams like IIT-JEE, Medical etc? Even their Qns are not set in regional languages...

  5. A very apt title indeed. Sad state!

    1. Thanks Aayesha. Yes, RAKHI much needed for UPSC...

  6. Actually there was another subdued line of argument by the protesters: "CSAT paper favors those from engineering background". As an engineering student myself, I laugh at this. On one side, yes, I am flattered that they rate us above their intellectual capacity, but on the other side I am like "Are they seriously saying this?"
    Do they mean that those from non-engineering background cannot use their brains on par with the ones who have studied engineering to do some "Basic Numeracy", "General Mental Ability" "Data Interpretation and sufficiency" "Decision making and Problem Solving" etc.?
    Even though I don't want to take an eye for an eye, isn't any part of syllabus of UPSC prelims or mains covered in one field or other while pursuing any degree? Does that imply, I can jump the gun and say "Scrap that too, they have an advantage" "Scrap this, they have an advantage". I think the idea behind an aspirant having to cover so many topics is because one has to cover almost all fields, thoroughly gain knowledge in all basic fields before one is made a responsible civil servant. Hence there is a need to not just gain knowledge, but test the intellect. If the government pays heed to such unreasonable arguments, UPSC wont be left with a syllabus to conduct an examination. It is clear, very clear, that this protest has garnered such attention only because of the vested interests of a few, but government should hold its ground and address may be the core problem of the CSAT paper rather than scrapping it altogether (Even if this sounds ridiculous, may be they should consider giving comprehensions in Hindi. That's all that they can do :p). Still if it isnt this year, it might happen next year or the year after that. I have got a scary feeling that this isnt easy going to die that easily without the government taking ridiculous and unjust measures (which is what, NO ONE wants)

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Jishan.
      Thanks for sharing your views. I agree with you.
      This is a very demanding Exam, the toughest in the world...
      Candidates are now expected to know something about everything & everything about something.
      I believe candidates from non-Engineering/non-Science backgrounds also can crack CSAT provided they put in the time & effort.
      While Engineering/Science students feel those from Humanities are at an advantage for the Main Papers!
      The grass look greener from the other side of the fence!
      I totally agree that the Govt. should not adopt unfair means to "solve" this crisis as doing so it'll only be creating "problems" for India & no "solutions"...
      May better sense prevail.
      That's why I have written this post...
      We all MUST voice our concerns & should not let some political sections get away with the ridiculous... It is the question of the steel frame of our India...
      Best wishes to you!

  7. Excellent write-up. Unnecessary row has broken out over CSAT.

    a) It wasn't introduced in 2011 in haste, rather since 2001 recommendations had been made to overhaul the system to provide level field for all backgrounds candidates. UPSC started with overhauling prelim in 2011, then main in 2013. Yes what UPSC should hv done is since 2008 or so, it shd hav announced that frm 2011 a new pattern will b introduced & given syllabus in advance- then ppl wd hav had headstart of 2 or 3 years. then 'extra attempt' for 'sufferers' who gave attempt in 2011 cd hav been avoided.

    b) Hindi vs Eng: Most Hindi students comin on TV say 'Eng is not problem'. Translation is prob coz software is used fr this. This is unfortunate- for sch a prestigious exam couldn't UPSC ensure a team of translators to provide proper translation of big Eng Comprehension passages? OK now that they kno, translation needs 2 made correct. So I dnt kno who advised the govt to nt include easiest 8 qns of paper- some proper advise to reprint Hindi translation even fr Aug 24 wd hav helped. Coz even nw this basic thing's nt been addressed. WHY DOESNT GOVT/UPSC SOLVE DEEPER MALAISE than govt giving political statement like no compulsory English? Current decision leaves ground open fr more protests rather than solving anything, except applying invisible balm on Hindi heartland ppl for votes.

    c) Science vs Humanities: New format is actually fair. Tests basic skills of analysis by CSAT & basic knowledge of multiple fields via GS. So, if protestors say CSAT advantageous fr engineers/docs/MBAs/Tech ppl then so-called 'Tech ppl' can also say that GS disadvantageous to them & rather advantageous to Humanities ppl!! Look that's not the point- we all must understand that perfect qn paper which is equally advantageous/disadvantageous to ALL cannot be made!! There will alwez b a field where one is weak, other is strong. UPSC via this pattern is exalting all to work on their weaknesses & come upto an expected standard of testing to be Civil Servant. We need most capable, multi-versed ppl with highest ethical standards in the Services if India is to b developed nation. Barest minimum is to make urself strong- ok if Hindi translation is bad that can & MUST be corrected. Aftr all, hundreds of other dialect speakers are also taking the exam. The test asks fr minimum level of skills fr all.

    c) Subjects: Very fair that mains pattern is now more dynamic. Person versed with everyday's newspapers can ace the exam today. Excellent that rote learning via 2 subjects has paved way for shining of true merit & generalist aptitude- because as officer one has 2 serve most diverse fields. If U wanna specialise, y dnt U give Engineering Services & Statistical Services & other sch govt exams?
    And what 50% r ppl talking abt for the topper?? U can analyse any year- UPSC deliberately scales the marks so that it doesn't cross 55% to keep perception of toughest exam alive. Howmuch ever brilliantly one writes, still it'll remain around 50% & that person will b in top ranks. In fact even this single subject paper shd nt b there- as really the markings vary wildly across subjects with some Literature subjects or science subj. getting too high marks compared to other humanities subjects & then even among humanities subjects there r wide variations. It's also unfair for those who graduated in subject totally separate from that given in limited list of subjects.

    So if TRUE LEVEL PLAYING SYSTEM is to be provided then syllabus shd b made EQUAL FOR ALL, study material shd b prescribed on Govt sites so that RURAL+URBAN students have same access & coaching centres' hegemony can truly decline (of course newspapers/mags etc. one has 2 prepare on own).

    I hope that UPSC makes desired changes so that its fair for ALL & govt mst nt give knee jerk reactions jst 2 appease a particular section of people rather than realising benefit for ALL students & of country as a whole.

    1. Wow! Amrita! Thanks for sharing so many points here & enriching my Post!
      Agree with every word. Your comment is a Post by itself.
      Suggest that you put up your comment in your Blog as a Post too :)
      We all must share our concerns actively & not allow injustice to happen in the name of solutions that are an eye-wash!
      Can't allow certain political sections to get away with their selfish interests...

      Praying for a "TRUE LEVEL PLAYING SYSTEM" & fairness for all.
      India will then win.

  8. every thing is just seen as political thing .. ! i can't understand why can't they just prepare .. instead of protest .. you said it right removing english wouldn't help them !

    1. True Ankur!
      Protest karne waalon ko protest karneka bahaana chahiye...
      Hope everyone focuses on this demanding Exam's preparation, rather than making excuses & demanding scrapping of English/other sections... at this rate the Exams are under serious threat...

  9. It is more of a political agenda. everything these days is a political agenda. Protest has been hyped so much and this is where I think that citizens should not be 100% free to do anything. That much basic English is really really necessary and everybody should understand it. Yes, they should study instead of protesting.

    Good one Anita :)

    1. Truly Anmol. Wish petty politics doesn't ruin everything...

      Thanks :)

  10. This is such a complex situation created by some narrow minded people. All I can say is India can forget a glorious future if it scraps English in this slow and steady manner.

    1. Yes, Indrani.
      You are right. We need English & a glorious future.

  11. It was a very enlightening experience going through your post as well as the comments. You did a great job presenting so much info in so many different ways. Your commentators added much more.

    My simple wish is that English should find due place in CSAT merely because English is the global language today and India can't afford to have bureaucrats incapable of communicating with the world.

    The comments also reveal a fact that much of the controversy about the test is mere hype or politically motivated creation. Reading it along with other factors, I feel that there is a move in the country to give prominence to one religion, one language, one culture. Dangerous, i think.

    1. Thanks a lot Sir for your kind words :)
      Thanks for sharing your feedback & further adding value to my Post.

      I agree that English is a MUST. No compromise on basic level. When qualifying marks are needed for a regional language in the UPSC Exam, why global language English should find an exclusion?

      I am grateful to all who voice their concerns. May we always have the strength to fearlessly express ourselves & make judicious use of our rights. We can't allow certain vested interests to succeed in their motto to weaken the steel frame of our country.
      We have the power. Together we can ensure justice.

  12. Truly Anita, it is a real bad situation in front of us. In this age of internet and globalization, at least our officers should have that much knowledge of English language, I guess Govt is also wrong in withdrawing those marks from the merit list criteria. I suppose if you don't even know that much of English then you should not ever go for administrative jobs. After all if you don't know proper English in private jobs, you won't ever expect a promotion.

    So why not this should happen in Govt sector as well? If you don't have basic communication skills, why are you competing in one of the toughest exam?

    They should focus on their study, not on doing all this Hulla-Gulla....

    1. Very true, Alok. You have shared the right points.
      English is a global language and is much needed.

      Many ministers don't know English. If they ensure that the bureaucrats also don't know English (& also have poor numerical skills), how will they govern our country? God save us!

  13. I haven't been closely following this issue but I feel that there is much more to the debate than what is reported in the media. At least my instinct tells me so. But I could be wrong too :) But I do agree that the protesters shouldn't be indulging in violence or vandalism. That is totally unacceptable. Just my 2 cents. I am sure your loving Rakhi would help :)

    1. Yes, Beloo. Full marks to you! There is much more than meets our eye...
      Protestors are indulging in violence & vandalism. I fear what'll happen on August 24th - the Prelims Exam date.
      Hope all our Rakhi wishes protect our India from getting attacked by such irresponsible "Aspirants".

  14. Anita, I appreciate your sincere concern and through research on the topic. It gives me new insights to look upon. Great job (Y)

    1. Thanks Ravish! Glad you found this insightful :)

  15. This hits my heart why I am a student of English and an UPSC aspirant once. Its wonderful how we worship mediocrity. Isn't UPSC touted as the mother of all the exams? Shouldn't it be the toughest to crack? It should be for the people with high intelligence as they will run the country. I am from an English medium background but the people who taught me english were from Bengali Medium, Hindi Medium. It does not ask you technical questions that only an engineer should answer, And only 40% of the population understands hindi. What about the 60%. Revamp the education system not substandard this critical exam. I have many friends coming from Hindi Medium background and they did extraordinarily well as the students of English. no one is asking you to be a genius in English but why do not you try. If it does not enter your head then check your IQ levels. Hindi or any Indian Language is way tougher than English. If you know an Indian language. If you can learn an Indian language you surely can learn basic english to pass the test. Strive for excellence do not cling to mediocrity.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Datta.
      I agree with your points especially- "Revamp the education system, not substandard this critical exam."
      We are at a loss of words when basic knowledge of English (& numerical skills) is such an issue!
      What intellectual superiority or excellence can we expect with poor regressive attitudes & political interests?

  16. Kudos to you, Anita, on having handled such a sensitive issue, so elaborately.
    The Education System and its reforms have been badly hit by the Politics of the Nation.
    One can only hope for the situation to become better, and not worse. :)

    1. Thanks Poonam for the appreciation :)
      May Politics not ruin our country...
      Amen. Hope for the best.


    1. Thanks Uppalji for such motivating & kind words :)
      Our aspirants should focus fully on the Exams & not allow themselves to be pawns in the crafty game of politics...

  18. Removing English will lead to nothing..... as it is now one of the official languages in India, and is much needed in every realm of life and work. This country will be destroyed by politics and politicians...a monstrous effect it has on religion, education, social life...just everything...

    1. Yes Mani, you are right. The effects will be on all aspects of our country.
      English is needed and so is protection to UPSC & other bodies from selfish political interests.

  19. Wonderful post Anita and comments surely added to it. All the hullabaloo for nothing? Seriously? If they had an ounce of seriousness, they wouldn't be out there protesting and not preparing. Sigh! Politicians keep reminding me why the word 'politics' has become a negative and wrong word in this country.

    An aspirant, be it for any exam, should be willing to take the extra step, strive harder to crack the exam. Bringing down the level of any exam to suit it to comfort zone of the "few" (chosen ones as they think) is an insult to sheer hours of effort a true aspirant puts in.

    Liked your reasoning. Yup! Loser tactics.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Shanx :)
      Very right that serious students would never waste their time protesting.
      Also, responsible students, who care for our nation, will never destroy national property even in their dreams...

      Yes, lowering the standards is unfair to those who have put in genuine effort.
      I feel standards should always rise & we should 'raise the bar'. Then, our India will progress.
      With the competition for a few posts so much hotting up, it's an insult really...
      May such "loser tactics" & poor sense lose...

  20. And now the education systems too...Anita couldn't have been a better and need of the hour article like this...

    1. Thank you so much, Chaitali :)
      We need to express... after all, our country's future is at stake...

  21. Extensive work! Very logical and timely!

  22. This is a very detailed article. I agree with your viewpoint. It is very unfortunate that this is happening and the government must not give in to unjust pressures. Seriously, this is the mother of all exams. A good detailed piece on a very pertinent issue.

    1. Thanks Rachna.
      Hope our sane voices are heard.
      May the Govt. realize & take action based on what is right for the nation rather than act on what is politically-motivated...

  23. A very insightful piece Anita, you covered the various aspects in a deep profound manner. And the comments garnered have surely made it more enriching. Kudos - I hope all our voices reach the right people, very soon.

    1. Thanks Arti :)
      Thanks to all for sharing such insightful comments. Amen.
      Hope the policy-makers take note of the majority decision.

  24. Please accept my compliments for such a detailed and thoughtful article. Well researched. I have no comments except for the fact that when will professional things matter in scheme of things. Opinion has to be coming from qualified sources. And decisions should be taken with lots of considerations for the future and not present gains.

    1. Thanks a lot.
      Yes indeed. Totally with you that decisions must be taken carefully. May everything be for our nation's gain...

  25. I have no idea what the row is all about , So I am the last person to comment on this .. but generally all i will say is I find it silly saying english medium has a upper hand etc etc ..


    1. Thanks Bikram for sharing. 'The grass is greener on the other side of the fence', hence such upper-hand feelings are prevalent...
      Do hope the decisions are taken wisely considering our country's future.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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