Saturday 2 August 2014

KICK - Movie Review & Lessons

Spoiler Alert: Note- This Review reveals many key scenes, dialogues and the story-line... Don't read if you are planning to watch it!

I treated myself to the Hindi movie Kick on Eid. After watching, I thought- "What an Eid Release! Kick is sure to rake in the crores."

Produced & Directed by Sajid Nadiadwala, Kick is an action love-story. It is a stylish movie like its lead characters- Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandes, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mithun Chakraborty...


In Warsaw, Dr. Shaina Mehra (Jacqueline Fernandes) is a psychiatrist, who is the daughter of a bureaucrat (Saurabh Shukla), the High Commissioner of Poland.
Shaina's dad wishes her to meet his 'dost ka beta' (friend's son) marriage-material, "strict" police officer, Himanshu Tyagi (Randeep Hooda).

Himanshu is on the lookout for a robber named Devil. While Shaina has the "Hangover" of an intelligent, career 1st Class 1st, dare-devil, do-gooder Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) 's "baaton & yaadon" (words & memories).

Shaina had met him at her friend, Vidhi's (Sumona Chakravarti) wedding at Delhi. Devi's "Kick" makes him help the lovers elope and get married, while even informing Vidhi's mom, an MLA, to chase them with her goons! The proverbial case of - Run with the hares & hunt with the hounds!

Devi is a "Being Human" who wants "Kick" or "Excitement, Masti, Thrill" in his life and has "Drama, Tension, Action".
Devi even claims his age is 10 years as he celebrates his birthday once in 4 years as he was born on February 29th!

Shaina & Devi part ways in Delhi. A year later, when Shaina meets Devi in Warsaw, he has got "Anterograde Amnesia" or memory-loss. Why is it so? Does Devi get cured?
Does Himanshu find the robber Devil?
To find out all these answers, watch "Kick".

"Kick" has the following similarities with some other movies:
1. Mask like that of Krrish.
2. Also, hero can't retain a job for long like Krrish.
3. "Nature Calling" Dialogue- common with Chennai Express.
4. Yellow Shirt in 'Hangover' song & similar picturisation - is common with the song 'Teri Meri' of Bodyguard.
5. Dabangg Inspector Chulbul Pandey.
6. Robbery planning & execution & road-action-chase sequences are reminiscent of Dhoom3 & Ek Tha Tiger.
7. Attachment to small girl & hospital scene like Cheeni Kum & Mr.India.
8. Recording video of hero bashing up baddies akin to Main Tera Hero.
9. Do-Good messages like in Jai Ho.
10. Anterograde Amnesia like in Ghajini.

1. When he goes to release Devi from the police lock-up, Devi's father asks the police-officer to do an "encounter and kill" his son.

2. Drunken scenes of Devi & his father. I felt they were unnecessary & uncool.

3. Devil calls up Himanshu from a public phone-booth. However, the public camera just captures him after he has covered his face inside the hood! Ideally the camera should have captured his face too & then the police would have a clue about his real identity! :)

4. Some talented characters could have got a bit better/extra depth/role/screen-space viz. actor Rajit Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Archana Puran Singh etc.

5. I felt the movie's lighting/look is dull & dark. (The last movie I had such a problem was - 'Saawariya' that appeared blue & dark!)

I Loved:
1. The Sweet & funny animation of the li'l Devi.

2. Jhumki, the smart & adorable kid.

3. Polyglot characters- Devi knows 9 languages while his father-in-law knows 17!

4. Devi's first visit to Shaina's home at Delhi in which he interviews the supposed-interviewer- Shaina's bureaucrat dad, who responds to a compliment with "Coming from you, it's an honour!"

5. Honest cop Himanshu & his first visit to Shaina's home in Warsaw with great rhyming Questions & Answers.

6. Some dialogues with smart play of words!

7. Do-Good intention.

8. Stylish songs & dances & superb action like jumping out of a high-story building & walking confidently on the railway-track in front of an approaching train in the nick of time. Salman Khan has done all his dare-devil stunts himself.

9. The futuristic & realistic Hologram idea- Devi's ingenious invention.

10. The Lessons from Kick. I have listed them below:

15 Lessons from "Kick" Movie:

1. The language of tears always works!
Shaina's dad says- "Satra languages jaanta hoon, Ansuo waali language..."
(I know 17 languages, the language of tears works best!)

2. Leave your shoes outside before entering a Temple.
Devi chides a goon- "Itne badey ho gaye ho...jooton ke saath mandir mein..."
(You have grown so old...yet entering the temple with shoes...)

3. Don't watch harassment; act and stop "Mini terrorists group" & bad things from happening.

Devi hits & lashes to the "good people"- "So rahey they, Socha ke jaga doon..."
(You were were sleeping, I thought let me wake you up.)
"Kitna aggression dikhate ho field mein, bahaar...Gym mein...All-Show-No-Go"
(You show aggression on the field and outside...In the Gym...)
He says this to the cricketers and young men in that Ice-cream Parlour, who do not react when even after witnessing eve-teasing there.

-> A wonderful social message that we should not be mute spectators, rather unitedly fight against eve-teasers & goons.

4. As per Social Psychology, "Insaan ki pehchaan apne kaam se hoti hai."
(A man's identity is known by his work.)

Dr. Shaina says this to Devi when he quits his 32nd job.
When he protests, she asks him, "Hum dono Hippie ki tarah jiye?"
(Should the two of us live like Hippies?)

-> A smart social message that we should be gainfully employed. Actor Salman Khan wants his fans to be working, and not wasting their time. In real life too, he has shared opportunities for fans employment prospects & jobs.

5. Make relationships strong, not weak. Get out of the weak relationship.
"Rishtey ko Majboot hone chahiye, Majboor nahi..."
(Relationship should be strong, not weak/compromising...)
Devi says this to Shaina when she tries to compel him to fall in line.

6. If someone makes you feel old, walk away!
"Main tumhare saath boodha hona chahta hoon, tumhari wajay se nahi."
(I want to grow old with you, not because of you.)
Devi says this to Shaina before adopting Money-earning as his new "Kick".

7. Try to find something positive out of everything. Analyze and  crack the code. 
Note- Dissecting a word like 'LOSER' can also provide the clue about flight-details!
Himanshu succeeds in deciphering the message and finding Devil's wherebaouts.

8. If talented all-rounders with perfect shooting skill represent our country in the Olympics., India will win...
Our India has talented youth, who are wasting their time and talents. We need to tap their potential to win Gold Medals in Sports!
Youth like Devi & Himanshu are required to represent India in the next Olympics!

9. Never-give-up-attitude!
"Khel abhi shuru nahi hua aur tune haar maan li..."
(The game hasn't started yet, and you have accepted defeat...)
Devi challenges as he has the "Kick" to play the game.

10. Don't be stressed as Stress is the greatest Devil!
"Sabse Bada Devil hai Stress".
(The biggest Devil is stress).
Shiv Gajra, the nephew of the Health Minister, says this while bursting bubble-wrap after killing a Doctor.

11. Be passionate in life.
"Yeh jeena bhi koi jeena hai jisme Kick na ho."

(A life without Kick is not worth living.)
Devi does everything for "Kick" as he believes that "Kick" adds value to life.

12. Identify your "Kick" and set a goal/purpose...
"Ek Smile mujhe aisi "Kick" deti hai, Hazaaron smiles..."
(If one smile gives me so much "Kick", how much "Kick" would thousands of smiles give...)

Devi says this to his friend in the context of Jhumki, the little girl.

-> A message that if we all cared for such Kicks, there would be smiles all over.

13. Sincerely try to gift life & to help. Death won't stop a do-gooder...
"Jab Ladai zindagi dene ki hai, Maut kaise rok sakta hai?"
(When the fight is to gift life, how can death stop me?)
Devi says this to Himanshu in the climax.

14. One man's DEVIL is another person's ANGEL. 
Devi is Devil for the cops, but he is Angel for the kids.
14th November - Children's Day is very nicely portrayed in the movie's Climax.

-> Message- Stop treating Healthcare as a "business". There are many kids who need quality care, medicines & treatment...

15. Better not to think too much about things!
"Mere baare mein itna mat sochna, dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin"
(Don't think too much about me, I visit your heart, not your understanding!)

Kick poster.jpg
Poster Source: Wikipedia

I liked Sumona Chakrvarti's role as Jacqueline's friend. She smoothly fits in such sister/friend character roles, and reminds us of Renuka Shahane.
Archana Puran Singh as Salman's OTT (over-the-top) Mom just has one major scene and she leaves her mark there!
Talented actor Rajit Kapoor has a short-role.
Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are too good & in full character.

Pretty Jacqueline looks lost & serious most of the times! She has impressive dance performances.
The catchy songs and energetic dances are great.
Special mention for Nargis Fakhri for her cameo in the item-number "Mainu Yaar na Mile To Marjaawan"(I'll die if I don't get my loved one.)

Our superhero, Salman Khan, has the devil-may-care attitude with the 'Being Human' shield backing him up. He is a great human-being, who sings well too. The "Hangover" song has the magic of his own voice. Conveying social do-good messages, Salman inspires and transfers positive vibes to his fans.

Kick has made me a bigger fan of Salman Khan & I have the "Hangover" of the nice person he is...
Kudos Bhai!

My Rating- 3.8/5

Watch "Kick" if you are a Salman Khan fan.
Also, watch it just for the entertainment-factor & give logic a miss! (This is true for most Hindi Movies these days...)
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  1. That is one good review... learnt much about the movie without watching it

    1. Thanks Shrinidhi :)
      There's a lot that I haven't disclosed! Watch the movie if you like stunts, action & Salman Khan :)

  2. Great lessons, I must say. And you must have watched it with your keen eyes as you drew out such wonderful lessons from the movie. :)

    1. Thanks Namrata :)
      Yes, the movie inspired me a lot. Salman Khan's helpful do-gooder thoughts & personality shines through.

  3. Nice detailed take, but any comparison to Krishh scares me :D :)

    1. Thanks :)
      Similar to Krrish- Just the black mask & hero's job-holding capacity :)
      Salman Khan is a Superhero :)

  4. I am not a big movie buff...but I enjoyed your review

    1. Thanks for sharing, Chaitali :) Delighted!

  5. Seems to be very similar to a Tamil movie starring Jeyam Ravi and Tamanna Bhatia - at least the elopement and MLA mom part. Do not know if it is the same movie remade since I did not see much beyond a few desultory scenes.

    1. Sureshji, So many points are common with so many movies!
      Kick is a remake of Kick- a Telugu action comedy film, released in 2009 and starring Ravi Teja & Ileana D'Cruz. Story is similar to the Telugu movie with Salman & Jacqueline in the lead roles :)

  6. Mein dil me aata hoon dimaag mein nahin..totally awesome..Give me Salman movie, any day and it's pure bliss in form of entertainment. Don't like Jacqueline at all! She's expressionless.

    1. Yes Vishal. Even I am his fan!
      Salman Khan is also a very nice human-being. May we have more like him...
      Jacqueline is pretty :)

  7. Anita the review is fantastic...but i wanted to know which is ur song from the movie...cause i want to tell u mine. Wey mainu yaar na miley toh mar jaawan.
    Accha i felt something new too...although the beat of the song was dhaansu...the choreography had a new ishtyle...more hand movements and no more those gyrating pelvic thrusts . Not only for this song but it seems the pelvic thrusts have become passe...have they or haven't they...but something definitely was slower in those dances...
    :) :) :) that last line really was awesome na... ek baar toh dekna banta hai...

    1. Thanks Shivani for sharing your views :)
      I loved the songs especially the 'Hangover' rendered by Salman himself & 'Mainu yaar na Miley To Marjaawan' that has fantastic dance moves :) Jumme Ki Raat Hai has catchy music and is hummable too.
      You are right about the choreography.
      Kick is a decent movie, quite unlike other recent Bollywood movies that have pre-marital action...
      I loved the smart dialogues too :)

      I loved Kick and all its lessons. I felt so good & inspired after watching.
      Wish we have more do-gooders like our Hero who can bring smiles to our kids faces...

  8. Great review. I don't usually read reviews as they seem quite boring but yours got hook me up from the very start :)

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Sakshi!
      Thanks a lot for your kind words! Delighted to hear from you :)

  9. Your fav genre and you have summed it up all well ;)
    I did not like the movie though. I felt the first half should have been removed entirely. Start it just from the second half and it would have had better impact. It was touted to be a thriller as per the trailer but wahi salman ki 'nautanki' all over the first half.

    Very much disappointed by the movie as this is the only movie that looked good by trailer in so many years (of Salman).

    Just personal opinion :p

    1. Thanks Anmol :)
      I feel the movie-experience is dependent on the viewer & her/his persons- how much she/he enjoyed...
      I loved the 1st half & the 2nd half. I am a Bhai fan :)
      I loved all the smart messages too...

  10. Oh yeah and my rating for the entire movie would be 2 on 5 :p
    For first half 0 on 5 :D :D

    1. Again, rating is based on the individual who rates :)
      Recently, Taran Adarsh was targeted for rating this movie 4.5 *s.
      In fact, my intelligence level will be judged & suspected for my high rating for Kick :P
      I truly felt inspired after watching the movie & shared the lessons.
      (Minus any monetary/gift/compensation!)
      :D :D

  11. Replies
    1. Welcome to my Blog, Quadeer :)
      Thanks for reading!


    1. Yes Uppalji. I am a HUGE Bollywood Fan :)
      Thanks for reading & for your appreciation!

  13. This is fantastic!
    I have to learn reviewing movies from you. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani :)
      Coming from you, it's an honor :)

  14. A very long review. Yet, there are interesting insights. :)

    1. Thanks Nona. Actually, the 15 Lessons from the movie add up to the extra length of the Review :)
      Thanks for your patience & appreciation :)

  15. Loved your review, I haven't got a chance to see this movie yet, still, your review made me smile :-)
    Good wishes.

    1. Thanks Ruchi :) Delighted to be able to spread smile! Do watch the movie & enjoy :)
      Best wishes.

  16. Although I haven't watched the movie, I am sure that your review is more creative and entertaining than the movie. :) My mom is a big Salman Khan fan. I think she should see it. ;-)

    1. Thanks Renuka for such nice words:) But, the movie is creative & entertaining too! It has some good hi-tech ideas & stunts :)
      Yes, Salman Khan fans cannot & must not miss this :)

  17. I am a huge Salman fan but having a small baby going to theatre to watch Kick is out of question.
    So this review is godsend for me. Atleast I have a good idea of the movie till I wait for it to come on TV

    Thanks Anita for posting.

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Gitanjali :)
      Yes, watching movies in the Hall with a small kid is pretty tough, as it may disturb the audience...
      Great that you liked my review!
      You need to wait a bit more for KICK as popular movies take extra time to be shown on TV :)
      Perhaps you can order it from your Cable-operator- Movie-On-Demand...
      It's my pleasure! Do keep visiting!

  18. Loved the review ... your review is much more entertaining and humorous than movie .

    Movie toh na mere dil mein aayee na samaj mein ;) ;)

    1. Thanks Swati! :)
      For me, Kick made sense because of its lessons, as shared above :)

  19. now that review has surly made me want to go and see this one on wednesday evening :)


    1. Thanks Bikram!
      You won't be disappointed if you are a Salman Bhai fan :)

  20. I have watched Kick(the Telugu version with subtitles) and it still remains one of my fav movies. Will watch the Bolly version of it in a couple of days.
    Forget all that, what I wanted to say is, you are an amazing blogger Anita! I have never read such a message giving lovely, positive movie review ever! Looks like you have lured me into being a regular here :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Bushra for such such words!
      The movie was slammed by critics & so many people.
      But, the fact it- Salman Bhai has shared relevant messages in his inimitable style. May the public have the wisdom & 'Kick' to follow...


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