Thursday 21 August 2014


I have the knack to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!
I am a natural at writing a prose while endeavoring a rhyme...

I avoid Forums & if & when I rarely make a naive appearance,
It is enough to capture public imagination & people focus lens!

Why such a lot of criticism & negative attention in my share?
Far from earning fame & recognition, I garner notoriety unfair...

I am wrongly accused for what I haven't done & news wild!
From my track-record, it seems I am controversy's favorite child!

The narcissistic in me continues to believe I'm an Angel cool!
"Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread" - I am such a fool!

My hard-work & sincerity should have gifted me what I deserve!
Being a Newsmaker for the right reasons is what I would love!

Waiting for the date when the world is nice & there's God's reign,
People like me shall have only credit in their fate & no pain, only gain!

Linking it to Two Shoes Tuesday #92 - Drift Or Date.
This is my 1st submission for this prompt. Thanks to Patricia.

& also linking this poem to-

ABC Wednesday- N For Newsmaker, Natural, Naive, Negative, Notoriety, News, Narcissistic, Nice...


  1. I love the way you weave a story into a poem with rhymes. I only know the word "Story-Poem' because of you!

    1. Thank you so much, Soumya! Your words mean a lot!
      I love Story-Poems :)

  2. Brilliant as always, Anita.
    You're a PRO, already. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Poonam :)
      Coming from a teacher, it's an honor :)

  3. Story poem is new to me, thanks for your recent visit and comment on my photo blog, now your latest follower.

  4. Story-Poem? Did I miss something :D I've read so many you've written without realizing it. Better late than never (going to dig up what that term exactly is.. though, I've known it pretty much already...excited) Thank you Anita :)
    Keep writing :)

    1. Thanks Shanx :)
      That's so encouraging! Do read and comment :)

  5. An aesthetic write up and so true about life plus this hypocrite world.

  6. I am delighted to see you linking up with us at Two Shoes Tuesday this week, Anita! I loved your poem, and it think the message is so often true, we tend to receive a lot of notoriety for all the wrong reasons and all the untrue rumors and gossip that gets shared. It sometimes feels like no one takes notice of the good we do, but are quick to jump on any error or imperfection. But just as you note here, God knows the truth, and He knows our hearts, and that is all that really matters! We can do our part by being careful to share uplifting things and encouraging others instead of adding to the negative news! I hope you'll join us again next week, I love seeing new takes on the writing prompts! :-)

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Josie. I am delighted to have you here :)
      It is my pleasure to link up with you at Two Shoes Tuesday. Would love to join in! Wish I knew about this before :)

      Thanks for sharing your words. I totally agree. On the Judgement Day, it'll be between us & God & hence the people of this World can say what they please & it doesn't really matter as only God knows our intention...

  7. story into poem .. that quite beautiful !

  8. Very good is unfair yet we hav 2 fight it out...:)

    1. Thanks Amrita! Yes! Survival of the fittest :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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