Wednesday 6 August 2014


Today is the 69th Anniversary of the US Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima City.
Has the World learned lessons from history & the World War's futility & brutality?

Atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, on 6th August 1945 by the USA in World War II(Getty) ; Source

Some parts of our World are still battling it out - Some speak with missiles, guns & knives...
Other nations indulge in a War of Words, while still others adopt Silence... quiet about lives...

What are we trying to prove- that human-being is the most intelligent creature?
Hope we never have reasons where history repeats itself - with Wars in the future...

Aren't all the War-Memorials enough to shake the World's conscience now?
Hope Love triumphs, Humanity wins, Peace reigns...STOP WAR anyhow...

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Sand Art at Puri Beach, Odisha, India ; Source


  1. Very thoughtful post Anita...Let's hope the inhuman acts happening across the world stop and peace becomes only religion :)

  2. the poor desire of power .. very thoughtful post .. !

    1. Yes, Ankur. Wars may be fought for territory or power, but at what cost...

  3. Love your concerns for us all.

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed Vidhya.
      Hope the world realizes soon.

  5. Atomic attack on Hiroshima is the painful history for the world. So generic and unavoidable concern. "An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind - Mahatma Gandhi". Stop War - Bring Peace. Great write up Anita.

    1. Thanks for sharing such wise words & Gandhiji's famous quote, Priyashi.
      When will we learn? Are we so blind & deaf?

  6. God created us so that we could love each other and then we were given all the things for survival. Thus people were meant to be loved and things were meant to be used. The reason there is chaos is because it is happening just contrarily. People are being used and things are loved. And Albert Einstein also said, " You want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or objects." Sigh! Who heeds who cares...those who have reasons for War will go to war...and innocent lives will be lost...maimed...and what not. Sigh! Look what Israel is this very moment. See those pics...we can only pray...RIP...prayers...

    1. Thanks Shivani for your beautiful words.
      Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We have lost the capacity to think clearly & hence to appreciate beauty...the beauty of life with love & peace.
      So true- "People are being used & things are loved".
      This is the materialistic age. Power, Money & Politics reign...
      Let us pray together...May better sense prevail...

  7. it as such a sad incident , so many innocents were killed and no one to answer for it .. but thankfully japan did not retaliate..
    although on a different context the country that is calles USA still is doing the same thing

    You are such a kind person Anita and I am glad I know you


    1. True Bikram. What happened in the past can never be annulled or undone...
      But, see the madness still continues now & how! 'History repeats itself'...

      That's kind of you. The pleasure is mine, Bikram.
      I feel blessed to be in great company :)

  8. Anita, it is really touching and thought provoking. Even after the horrors of Hirosima we learnt very little. Wars, hatred, terrorism and killings of millions go on. The human values best portrayed in love, brother-hood etc. still do not reach the conscience of the warmongers and the persons/groups spreading hatred.Long live human conscience to save this beautiful earth.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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