Friday 11 January 2019

SHARE- My Word Of 2019 #WOTY

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If I have to pick a 'word of the year' #WOTY for me,
The word SHARE as my #WOTY2019 it'll rightly be.
"Sharing is caring" and sharing is great.
Sharing adds more to everyone's plate and fate.

The sun shares its light without discrimination.
Nature shares much to our gratification.
Sharing by learning lessons from teachers big and small.
Sharing means bliss and blessings for one and all.

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I want to share a lot of smiles and laughter,
Also, share courage and hope to make life better.
Share the sparks of knowledge and illuminate.
Share honesty, integrity and ideals innate.

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I will share my enthusiasm and infect everyone!
Also, share my writings without procrastination!
Want to share the right info to counter misinformation,
Try to share my dreams, emotions and imagination.
I realize the need to dare to share what I truly feel,
Sometimes, I suppress my talents, wishes and zeal.
The first person for my time's share has to be me.
Sharing everything with myself first it has to be!

Whether to share a piece of my mind or peace of my mind?
Sharing spontaneity and not oscillation- I hope to find!
Share the best with the world and the best will find its way.
The bounty of nature and universe have a lot to share and say!

What is your word of 2019? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. The ideal sharing in joyful verse!

  2. Sharing is a good word. For me, this year it would be: bold like be bold.


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