Sunday 20 January 2019

Rasagola Mahotsab

I open our fridge, and luckily there are Rasagolas in store!
When the Rasagola stock gets over, the shops have more!
Hurshi Sahoo's Rasagolas, Jatni, Odisha
Whenever we have visitors viz. when my uncles come,
They bring pots full of Rasagolas that are always welcome!

Rasagola is undoubtedly the object of my affection.
With the sweetness of Rasagolas, life is great fun!
Pattachitra depicting Niladri Bije and Rasagola (this art is on my Kurta)

I am always happy when there are Rasagolas in my home.
That sweet craving is tough to forget or overcome!

One of my resolutions this year is to have desserts first,
Especially if Rasagola is in the menu, satisfy the lust!

Few can resist our Odisha Rasagola taste and awesomeness,
In Odisha, where it originated, this king of desserts does impress!
Rasagola Mahotsab 2019, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
When OTV group celebrated the Rasagola Mahotsab this year,
Rasagolas from different districts filled me with cheer!

The varieties on display and sale made Makar Sankranti special!
Like me, many Rasagola-lovers of Bhubaneswar had a windfall!
This was the second Rasagola Mahotsab organised in our state,
The first one was held last year on Jan 14- the same date.
We have been celebrating Rasagola Dibasa on Niladri Bije;
Note that Rasagolas are loved, prepared & consumed everyday!

Lord Jagannath gifts Rasagolas to His wife, Devi Laxmi to please her.
Rasagola finds mention in 15th Century Odia texts and literature.

Centuries-old tradition & history still continues even today.
Rasagola adds sweetness to any and every celebration everyday!

Rasagola Mahotsab had some sweet songs and a panel discussion,
Jagannath-culture experts shared Rasagola-related information.
Shri Surya Narayan Ratha Sharma shared about Rasagola's link with Puri Temple
In the panel, I spoke about Odisha's Geographical Indications (GI),
There's a lot to learn & share about Rasagolas; the limit is the sky!

Odisha, India, is my home, where there are sweet-shops galore-
Amazing variety of 'Rasa' sweets in Odisha viz. Rasagola & more!

Rasagolas are loved by one and all - Gods & devotees.
Born in Odisha, Rasagolas are now available across the seas!
When there are Rasagolas in my home & you ask me to write,
Rasagola is the random item that comes to my mind & sight!

Words cannot express the Rasagola magic and its spell!
Pop a Rasagola into your mouth and feel- 'ALL IS WELL!'

Do you love desserts? Have you ever tasted a Rasagola? Do you like Rasagolas? 
Please share in the comments below.
Do visit Odisha to have the world's best Rasagolas available in the birthplace of Rasagolas.

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  1. You made me crave for the Rasgola with this mouth watering post Anita. Thats not fair.
    I was surprised to know that there is Rasgola Mahotsava as well in India!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. A great post on Rasgola.
    Very Interesting

  3. That's quite a spread of Rasgolas.
    Nice to know about the Rasgola festival and the fact that it originated in Odisha. Thank you, Anita. :)

  4. Who does not love Rasgola, or Rosogolla or Rasgulla? The post itself has become so sweet with so many pictures and so many mentions of my favourite sweet.

  5. My bad luck, I had no idea about Rasagola Mahotsav being a regular affair, celebrated every year on Makar Sankranti day. Never mind, this time, I will surely make sure to attend. Thank you, ma'am :)


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