Tuesday 13 November 2018

Geographical Indications Of Odisha

Odisha is a culturally-rich state in the eastern part of India.  
Centuries ago, the enterprising merchants from Odisha had established great trade and commerce with the South East Asian nations. They used to carry products from ancient Odisha to other nations. A grand fair named "Bali Jatra" is celebrated every year in Cuttack. It is reminiscent of the ancient "journey to Bali".

International trade has immense possibilities in today's age.  There is a huge role of Geographical Indications (GI). GI is an Intellectual Property Right (IPR) that is a community right. GI earns reputation for the region/state and earns additional business following the registration as a geographical indication product. It contributes to the increase in sales and exports.

A Geographical Indication (GI) is an agricultural, natural or a manufactured product (handicrafts and industrial goods) originating from a definite geographical territory.
An agricultural, natural or a manufactured cultural product is awarded this GI tag to protect manufacturers/producers, who produce these genuine products. GI products have brand value and the GI tag ensures a brand-awareness, brand-recall and premium pricing in the domestic and international markets.

The first GI for an Indian product was for the Darjeeling Tea in 2004-05.

Odisha has a rich cultural heritage.
There are many varieties of Odisha Agricultural products, Handicrafts and Handlooms. But, only a few have got GI. 
Kotpad Handloom was the first GI from Odisha.
I have shared about Handlooms of Odisha in my previous posts:
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Odisha has got the following 14 GIs registered so far:
(1) GI No.-10 - Kotpad Handloom - HANDLOOM- Koraput, Odisha
(2) GI
No.- 22 - Orissa Ikat - HANDLOOM - Odisha
(3) GI
No.- 87 - Konark Stone carving - Handicraft - Puri, Odisha
(4) GI
No.- 88 - Orissa Pattachitra - Handicraft - Puri, Odisha
(5) GI
No.- 86 & 108 - Pipli Applique Work - Handicraft - Puri, Odisha
(6) GI
No.- 136 - Khandua Saree and Fabrics - HANDLOOM- Cuttack, Odisha
(7) GI
No.- 167 - Gopalpur Tussar Fabrics - HANDLOOM - Jajpur, Odisha
(8) GI
No.- 228 - Ganjam Kewda Rooh - Agricultural - Ganjam, Odisha
(9) GI
No.- 229 - Ganjam Kewda Flower - Agricultural - Ganjam, Odisha
(10) GI
No.- 207 - Dhalapathar Parda & Fabrics - HANDLOOM - Khurda, Odisha
(11) GI
No.- 208 - Sambalpuri Bandha Saree & Fabrics - HANDLOOM - Sambalpur, Odisha
(12) GI
No.- 217 - Bomkai Saree & Fabrics - HANDLOOM - Ganjam, Odisha
(13) GI
No.- 219 - Habaspuri Saree & Fabrics - HANDLOOM - Kalahandi, Odisha

(14) GI No.- 220 - Berhampur Patta (Phoda Kumbha) Saree & Joda - HANDLOOM -Ganjam, Odisha

I want to share more information about Odisha and her treasures. Blogs are a great way to share information and images about Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha and raise awareness. Presently, many are ignorant about GIs. This includes the artisans and weavers whose income can be enhanced by GIs. Odisha has got 14 GIs and 2 more applications are under process.  As knowledge is power, the objective is to share GI knowledge and empower.  I will be sharing blog posts with info about the various #OdishaGIs.

I want to inform and inspire the artisans to register for GI as Registered Proprietors or Authorised Users (AUs) and earn better. Presently, as people are so ignorant about GIs, it will be success for me if they learn at least something about #OdishaGIs through my posts. Social awareness, action and transformation is my aim. 

Did you know about GIs?

Ministry of Commerce & Industry organized an Exhibition of Geographical Indications at the GI Pavilion at the India International Trade Fair (IITF) at New Delhi in Nov 2018. I represented Odisha GIs at the GI Pavilion at IITF.
You can read more about the #OdishaGIs here. 
Let us all use GI products - the "invaluable treasures of incredible India", and encourage our artisans, weavers, and farmers.


  1. This is a very good intiative to spread awareness about the GIs of Odisha.

    Hope more artisans would come forward to be registered as Authorised Users.

    More power to you, Anita!


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