Monday 23 June 2014

HUMSHAKALS - Movie Review

"Men have called me mad; but the question is not settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence – whether much that is glorious – whether all that is profound – does not spring from disease of thought – from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

Yesterday, we watched Director Sajid Khan’s latest offering, Humshakals, despite the negative reviews and comments. 

Three actors- Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh & Ram Kapoor have triple roles. 

Saif plays Ashok Singhania, a smart multi-billionaire industrialist, whose passion is doing stand-up comedy. However, he succeeds in making his audience stand up and leave!

Riteish plays Kumar, Ashok’s "best-friend from the 2nd Standard". Ashok often takes Kumar for a ride! Thanks to that, we get an aerial tour of London city!

Ram Kapoor plays Ashok’s Mamaji (Uncle)– KANS- Kunwar Amar Pratap Singh. He wants to usurp the Power of Attorney & take over the Singhania group of companies.
Then, we have two more sets of the same actors- one set consists of mental-patients and the other set has two-lab-assistants-turned-into-lookalikes and a dance-bar owner in Southhall.

Heroines Tamannaah Bhatia as Shanaya (Channel 9 TV-Show Host), Bipasha Basu as Mishti (Ashok’s Estate Manager) & Esha Gupta (Mental Doctor) don’t have much to do except express their surprise & shock. They also get to sing & dance on London streets & night club & dressed in night clothes in the mansion!

They are supported by a host of actors like Satish Shah, Darshan Zariwala, Chunky Pandey etc.

Some points: 

 - There are catchy songs like the "Caller-Tune" song.

- The public understands Hindi perfectly in the UK, even Hindi jokes! Like in all Hindi movies, they sing and dance in the language!

- Check out for the parathey made with other ingredients! The chefs or onlookers never 'smell' what's being used for the preparation?!

- If the ParatheyWaaley Ashok & Kumar’s brains were akin to five-year-olds, how do the mental patients become so smart to think for themselves and to make their own plans to help?

- How can the waitress-chasing scenes & especially saree-pulling scene be explained from the effeminate characters?

- How are all the 3 sets of triple-role - 9 people- dressed in identical clothes in the climax?

- Signing & handing over property-papers in London’s House Of Commons in front of ‘Prince Charles’ takes the cake!

Watch out for the scenes that match with your sense of humour :P

Humshakals is a case of mistaken identity with over-the-top acting, direction, double-meaning-dialogues, impossible situations, mad scenes… a typical Sajid Khan movie.

There are two scenes in which we find Sajid Khan’s self-deprecating humor- officially announcing his movie- Himmatwala & his sister, Farah Khan’s movie- Tees Maar Khan as ‘severe torture’.

The idea of 'Comedy' & 'Slapstick Comedy' varies from person to person. I prefer the Kishore Kumar kind though this is supposedly a 'tribute' to him.

The line - “Hum Paagal nahi hai, Humara Dimaag kharab hai!” has been taken from Kishore Kumar's movie- Half Ticket.

(It means- "We are not mad, Our brain is out-of-order")

When I invited my hubby’s cousin for the movie, she had refused to come along saying, she’s not MAD!

Watch it only if you have time to spare & appreciate Sajid Khan's madness! 

My Rating- 2.5 / 5


  1. You're a brave women :P !
    himmat wala ke saath sajid khan ki movie dekhne ki himmat bhi chali gayi meri :d

    1. Thanks Ankur! I had no option, but to watch as my kid wanted to watch this :)
      It's better than Himmatwala, I think!

  2. Seriously you sat through the whole movie!! :O Sajid Khan should totally stop making movies..

    1. Some people walked out, Anusree. But, I watched!
      It is tolerable if you don't question anything. Just watch for 'comedy' :)

  3. Hmm..sounds interesting though I have never seen this movie. You have a given a decent review Anita :)

    1. Watch it only if you have time to spare, love the lead actors and enjoy Sajid Khan's style, Uma :)

  4. I am with you .. I enjoyed the comedy in the yesteryears nowadays people make stupid comedy .. sometimes i cant understand did they not see the movie themself before releasing it ..

    this one seems interesting :)


    1. True Bikram. The movies belonging to the yesteryears were a class apart.
      Signs of the changing times :)

  5. I watched this movie too and completely hated it. Just double meaning dialogue bazzis it had!

    1. Many kids like my kid were keen to watch this movie for the triple roles & for its 'comedy' factor.
      But, I disliked some dialogues & scenes and felt they were terrible & unsuitable for kids, Juhi.

  6. What does your kid think about the movie after watching it? :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Pankaj.
      My kid's rating is 1.5/5 :)
      We had gone as she wanted to watch it. After watching the movie, she apologized to my hubby & me for forcing us to watch this! :)

  7. YOU HAVE 2.5? How dare you? My brain felt like it was on a self destruct mode after watching this movie.

    1. Ha Ha, Red! Wouldn't want your intelligent brain to self-destruct.
      How did you land up to watch this? I did thanks to my kid!
      My kid rated it 1.5, while my rating is on a higher side as I'm generous & also a huge Bollywood fan :) BTW, TOI rates it 3 :)

  8. hahah! what a review! that Prince Charles scene seems to be utterly idiotic and such concepts can come only to the king- of-lunatics- Sajid Khan..I wonder if that's the reason Jaquiline dumped him :P

    1. You have valid points, Ankita :) We have to ask Jacqueline :)
      I was wondering what will the members of the House of Commons & Prince Charles say when they watch this!

    2. they'll roll on the floor laughing !

    3. Seriously!
      In that mad scene at the House of Commons, while making an exit, 'Prince Charles' comments- "Remind me never to attend any Indian event!" :)


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