Friday 13 June 2014

Soul Exchange

My kid & I had been to my father's place.

The next morning I found A Wish Had Come True!

Papa & I realized that our souls had been exchanged & as per God's direction, we had to live one another's life for a day.

I confessed to My Papa, My Role-Model that unfortunately this was as A Wish Had Come True!

Being the honest sweetheart that he is, even he confessed that he often wondered how his darling little girl is handling so many things post-marriage!

It seemed strange when I wore his Safari-Suit and he was forced to wear my trousers and shirt!

"This should be more comfortable than having to wear ladies clothes!" he reasoned.

"Papa, do you think people will believe us if we inform them about about this soul-exchange? How can we prove? What shall we do?" I took guidance as usual.

Papa said, "Of course, they will. They can clear their doubts by asking us questions! Don't worry! All will be well!"

My Papa is always full of positivity.

My sister & my kid were let into this secret.

They said, "Today is NOT April 1st. We know you both are very honest and never lie! Question-time now!"

"What is 1750 multiplied by 6350?"

Papa had the answer already, while I was still calculating!

My Papa is a Chartered Accountant and a numbers-wizard, who can do super-fast mental calculations. In contrast, I find myself taking longer!

I always thought that Soul-exchange would automatically give me access to his brain!
I realized to my dismay that this is further from reality...

The Truth is- as is your soul, so is your brain & heart
Our soul is the result of our own actions & experiences.
I figured out that I am stuck with my own brain but in Papa's body & vice-versa ...

My sister tried to sort things. "Though you have proved it to us, I feel we should not reveal about this to anyone else! You know how the tongues of people wag! Plus, what if the news-media people come to know? I feel both of you should focus on your area of expertise!"

I happily agreed as I couldn't imagine having to do all the number-crunching, visiting Income-Tax offices, auditing reports of Companies... and doing all the superhuman work that he does!!!

That's how we decided to use our own respective phones.

While we had breakfast, Papa's phone was ringing. It was from a TV Channel.

Papa answered the call.

The TV-Journalist asked, "Is Sir there?"

Papa said (in my voice, of course), "You can tell me."

Journalist said, "We request Sir to be present for a discussion on the 'I's facing the Common-man- Income-Tax, Inflation & other today's TV-show..."

My Papa is regularly invited to the TV-Channel-discussions & this was yet another time...

Papa said, "Sorry, he is not available today. You could schedule it for tomorrow..."
The Journalist said, "Sorry Madam, it is slated for today. Please request him to be there."

The journalist sounded desperate.

Being the kind soul that he is, Papa suggested, "Why don't you conduct a live telephonic interview? You could ask questions and get them answered."

The Journalist felt it was a good idea & he agreed. He asked Papa (whom he thought was Sir's daughter) to convey the news to her Papa to keep his evening free!

All of us found it pretty funny and we laughed!

I went to Papa's office (which is on the ground-floor) and submitted the Day's detailed To-Do list (that Papa had prepared with bullet-points for all his staff).  I told Papa's Secretary that I (he too thought I was 'Sir') will be at home and asked him to contact me over the phone for any issues. As per Papa's instructions, I instructed him to shift & reschedule all the appointments for today to the next day. Then, I got all the Reports and came upstairs to hand them over to Papa.

Meanwhile, I went to the kitchen and prepared lunch. Post-lunch, I went to Papa's office again to get updates and to handover the documents that Papa wanted to be typed and emailed. 

Then, I started writing about this Soul-exchange incident in my Blog. I set the label as 'Fiction' :P

Papa again received the call from the same TV-News Journalist.

"Is Sir available now? Can my team go to his office today and take the interview there?"

Papa said, "Only telephonic interview is possible today. Why don't you mail across the list of questions that you want Sir should answer?"

The Journalist said, "Sure I will. But, some questions the live audience will be asking..."

Papa said, "That's okay!"

Soon it was evening & time for the TV-Telephonic Interview.

Papa had already framed the model answers of the questions. All I had to do was to read them out answer them as naturally I could (in his voice, of course!)!

Conversation with the journalist was fine. The trouble began when the live audience and tele-callers started posing questions. Papa quickly wrote down the answers and I kept answering to the best of my ability!

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the TV-Show was over finally! Phew!

I admired Papa's qualities all the more- active brain, great sense of humour, accepting challenges, calmness, patience, empathy, helping everyone, making the most of situations...

Thankfully, the next day things were back to normal!

Or was it just my dream?! I need to ask Papa! :D

Do read My Papa, My Role-Model to know more about the wonderful person he is.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
What if you and your dad wake up one fine morning to find out that your souls have been exchanged? How would it be to live your dad’s life for a day or (more interestingly) for him to live yours?

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    1. Thanks Kalpanaji :) Delighted you liked it!

  2. Freaky Friday !! the story was of a mother and daughter's soul getting exchanged! Good read and very funny too.

    1. Thanks Nima. :)
      Actually, Father & Daughter's soul got exchanged. It is for BlogAdda's WOW prompt for Father's Day :)

    2. sorry yeah realized that later. My bad.Sorry again Anita.

    3. No issues :) You also write your story about the soul-exchange :)

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    1. Welcome to my Blog, Margie :) Delighted you loved it :)

  4. This is such a delightful post, Anita. I liked the TV show part.:)

  5. indeed a very read it was .. i liked :)

  6. Very interesting one Anita! It is an enjoyable read. It is also making us to question ourselves! Is our brainpower connected to our soul? Who can answer us??? Hmm... some questions don't have answers... na?

    TC! Keep smiling :)

    The Arts & Me

    1. Wonderful point, Sindhu! Thanks for sharing :)
      There are many answers that we don't know...
      Brain-power may be linked to our Soul as after the Soul leaves our body, our brain doesn't function & body is lifeless...

  7. Enjoyed reading ur WoW on soul exchange..compelling narrative which humor makes an intelligent read:)

    1. Thanks a lot Vishal for reading & sharing! Delighted to receive such wow comments :)

  8. An interesting and a very imaginative story!!


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