Monday 2 June 2014

No Smoking

May 31st is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day.
Personally, I can't stand Cigarette-smoke.
I can never comprehend why people pay money to indulge in something that's harmful for their health.

I feel buying & then lighting a cigarette is like setting money on fire!
Though Cigarette-smoking is banned in public places, yet Cigarette-smokers happily flout rules without a care about anyone else.
Smokers are selfish & focus on their interests & self-gratification.

Smoking is a bad habit & serious addiction. Quitting smoking is tough, but many have managed with expert help & guidance & tremendous will-power.

My rhyming message for Smokers:

That's healthy 2 do. 👌
Take expert help if U hv no clue how to. ✌
Save your lungs & don't feel blue! 👍

A TobaccoFree Life is great!
Quitting Smoking alters your fate.
To adopt a better lifestyle, why wait?

No Smoking please!


  1. i hope every smoker get this message :)

  2. its not just that .. smokers put everyone else also in danger.. passive smoking is far dangerous then smoking itself ..

    thankfully i dont smoke and no one near me also does it .. as I would take it and destroy it .. SIMPLE :)


    1. True, Passive Smoking is terrible, Bikram. I hate it...
      Why should we suffer?
      We need to protest!

  3. Smoking not only poisons you but also those around. If only ppl understood..Good take!

    1. Thanks Red. Yes, very true. High time people realize.

  4. I need this post coz I am a smoker..looking at the whole gang against cigarettes on the comment thread, I better back out:)

    1. It'll be wonderful if you manage to kick the butt. You CAN, Vishal. Please try... No, don't just try, but actually QUIT soon. Increase your lifeline...


Your words mean a lot to me.

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