Thursday 16 May 2013


Music has always meant a lot to me!
Hopefully my entry will win me the chance to see Bon Jovi! 

Music is the triumphant expression of the soul
That magically touches one and all-

Irrespective of their nationality or background,
Music makes the world go round!

Music is that valid Passport that helps scale-
Borders & boundaries easily without fail!

Music has those notes that are priceless; 
Music can make people speechless! 

Music is devotion, celebration, inspiration & inclination; 
Music belongs to every season & for every reason! 

Chirping of the birds, baby talk, river gushing, Mom’s lullaby…
Musical notes can be low or high! 

Music has the power to brighten every night & day! 
That’s why I always say- ‘Let the Music Play!
Music is all this and much more...
In my life's game, Music brownie-point is what I wanna score! 

The World’s a Stage, the Drama is Cool-
The Music of Life makes us Droooooool!

Newer & Better Technology & Inventions, Positive Views,
Notes & Tunes, Smart Breakthroughs, Good News;

Laughter, Crisp Currency, Jingling of Coins & Keys,
Raindrops on Tin Roofs, Sea-waves, Humming Bees;

Rustling leaves as the breeze gets two trees close,
Music is when there is an exchange of rings or a red rose…

Maria's 'These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things',
And the nostalgia 'The Sound Of Music' still brings!

When Car’s engine whirrs or Laptop comes alive as OS starts,
Loved ones Call/SMS- Mobile Ringtones/Notification Alerts!

We Dance our Best no matter what Music Life plays,
Music’s Essence, Romance & Happiness forever stays!

Music makes our heart go on & on,
Music makes us feel like a new-born! 

Music is a charming nourishing soul-food,
Music calms tempers, soothes & changes mood.

We feel happier  listening to upbeat, cheery music;
For better health & relationships, music is the pick!

Music is Mozart, Bon Jovi, Pavarotti, AR Rahman…
Music makes us sing, dance & party as crazy fans!

Music satisfies deep urge like passionately making love,
Makes adrenaline surge- while grounded, we soar as dove!

Facing the music, may not be music to the ears!
But, music also banishes fears & spreads cheers!

Music may be old, classical, futuristic or modern...
Music adds a spring to our step & is FUN!

Music is an all-encompassing five-letter word,
That’s mightier than a Sword & is a direct road to God!

Music is our expression of ideas, experience & wisdom,
Music makes sense as it builds our wondrous Kingdom!

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