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Some Love Triangles In Bollywood Movies

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There are many Hindi movies that have three lead actors in a love triangle. There can be either two heroes in love with one heroine or two heroines in love with one hero. Considering the uncomfortable chemistry between them, one tends to believe that three's a crowd.

One Heroine, Two Heroes i.e. Ek Heroine, Do Hero

In a love-triangle, someone has to sacrifice.  
When two heroes seek the attention of the same heroine, she has a tough choice.

One happens to be her love and the other is her responsibility due to a prior promise or allegiance. She explains her dilemma to the hero she loves and both are ready to sacrifice for the sake of duty or friendship.
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When the other hero discovers this about his ladylove and his best-friend, he feels cheated and is devastated. He takes to alcohol or sings a sad song or indulges in both!
Notice the song in the movie Sangam:
"Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha; Zindagi hume tera, aitbaar na raha"
Meaning- Friend isn't friend any more, love isn't love any more; I have no trust on life any more.

If the heroine is married, she realizes that she has to sacrifice her love and choose her husband like what happens in the movies- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Woh Saat Din.

The sacrifice may be due to the life-and-death situation.
One of the heroes takes the bullet and dies, just to save his ladylove or her love-interest or both. This happens in the movies- Deewana and Imtihaan.
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Perhaps the hero is dying anyway and wants to be out of the way like in the movies- Kal Ho Na Ho and Safar.

Sometimes, one of the heroes sacrifices so that his ladylove can marry the healthy and wealthy guy like in the movies- Dhadkan, Saajan, Sagar and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa.

It may so happen, that the heroine may fall for someone else dashing the hopes of her two suitors like in the movie Dostana.

In Bollywood movies, there is usually a happy ending like the following:

- The villain of the love triangle faces death like what happens in the movie Darr.
- The heroine may realize her love late and choose the right guy like in Jab We Met.

One Hero, Two Heroines i.e. Ek Hero, Do Heroine

Love triangles mean a lot of confusion and heart-break.

When there are two heroines, the emotions run high. The hero may consider one heroine to be just a friend, while the other is wife or dream-material like in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dil To Paagal Hai.

Something is always happening when one heroine-friend in the love triangle Cocktail gets jealous of the other heroine-friend as the hero showers his attention on the latter just because she is wife-material!
The hero has to choose one heroine as the other either doesn't know her feelings or is dictated by her parents like in the movie Barfi!

One heroine sacrifices as that's the right thing to do as the hero is already in a relationship like in Lagaan and Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

The hero may want to have a great time with both and not have a clue what to do like in the movie-Shuddh Desi Romance. The saner heroine decides to get away from the love-triangle mess!

In Bollywood movies, can't three actors have a good time together?
They can if they belong to the same sex viz. three heroes in the movies- 3 Idiots and Dil Chahta Hai and three heroines in the movies- Aisha and Veere Di Wedding.
Image result for scooter aamir kareena 3 idiots

Sometimes, three's not a crowd!

Do you feel three's a crowd? Any other love triangles you can recollect? Do share in the comments below.

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'Three's a crowd' made me think of love triangles in Hindi movies! This is not an exhaustive list as there are many movies that feature love triangles!


  1. Thanks for reminding me of the good old love triangles in Hindi movies. I recollect plenty of love triangles which I have seen in Tamil movies too. The yesteryear movies of Tamil actors like Gemini Ganesan and Saroja Devi also used to feature love triangles. I suppose many regional languages also feature love triangles. After all it is one of the most commonly occurring theme be it reel life or real life.

    Here is my #barathon 3rd post.

  2. Appreciate your take on this prompt. You thought on different lines!
    With these triangles, three is definitely a crowd, I would say...because all these movies have pulled great crowds to the screens!
    Here is my 3rd post...

  3. All love triangles are based from Ramayana. Ravan loves Sita but she loves Rama.

  4. What a novel take on the prompt, Anita. I have not seen Imtihaan and Dostaana from the list that you have mentioned. Three's not a crowd with friends but in a love relationship, it certainly is :D

  5. wow my fav topic.. bw lovely :)
    #Barathon 2018

  6. Its really an amazing take on the prompt that reflects your observation and intellect.
    Very nicely described.

  7. Thats a great collection. Except this time i missed the Song translation. I love that part. Just one. thats not fair

  8. I don't like love triangles.

  9. In a romantic relatioship, three is definitely a crowd. What a well put together list of movies in this segment Anita :-)


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