Saturday 14 July 2018

The Seven-Year Itch

When Lora looked outside, a pretty sight greeted her.
Two white pigeons were snuggling on the tree outside her window.

She continued to gaze at the avian couple, though she felt she was intruding their privacy.
Their antics reminded her of her first date with Krish.
She had felt great with him.
Soon, they had got married.
Seven years had passed.
She had lost interest in her marriage...

Cacophony interrupted her thoughts.
Another white pigeon had entered the frame and had disturbed the couple.
The three birds were flying in different directions.

The new arrival reminded Lora of the latest development in her life.
She had met Krish and his wife at the restaurant.
The two looked cozy and happily married.
Seven years ago, Krish and Lora had got married, but to different people.

Dissatisfied with having married the man her parents' chose and suffering from the seven-year itch, Lora felt Krish was her medicine.
The pigeons tugged at her heartstrings.
Hope for love and attention intoxicated her senses.
Lora was ready to pay any price.

Do you support people like Lora? If she does succeed as a homewrecker and earns Krish's affection, what's the guarantee that either of them won't suffer from the seven-year itch again?

175 Words Story
Linking with #FFfAW-133. Photo Prompt by @wildverbs
& #BlogAThon - Seven-Year Itch


  1. Great story! I agree. If these two get together chances are it will happen again in another 7 years. Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge and welcome!!

  2. Loveless marriage is one of the most disastrous things to happen. I hope life gives Lora another chance and she finds love again.

  3. Love is indeed the glue that keeps married couples together. Hope Lora gets a second chance if she is feeling as bad as that and there is no means of redemption.

    My last Barathnon post 2018

  4. Always a tough one. Maybe they will cheat on each other, maybe not. What if they are soul mates and meant to be together? I think each person has their own circumstances and we should not judge.

  5. This is quite interesting. I liked the inclusion of pigeons in the story, the times their love is described and then suddenly Lora's life.
    There is no guarantee of any relationship, you just need to pour in love as much as possible along with patience.

  6. Hmm . Loveless marriages aren’t fun but not is home wrecking a good solution . I know of a couple who were engaged , broke up, married different spouses, met as widowed persons in their late 50’s and shacked uo happily ever after

  7. Hmmm- loads to chew on there Anita. I say go for what works best for you. One solution doesnt fit all and I am no one to judge anyone. So wont comment on how good or bad this decision would be.
    I say there are consenting Adults - they decide what works for them and why. Its upto them to figure out if they will be hurting other people? Is what they get out of all of it, worth it?
    Totally their call!!

  8. The sentence "...but to different people", gave the tale a very unexpected twist! Game changer, I must say. And the end left me pondering all over again.
    Brilliant Take on the prompt Anita.


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