Monday 6 January 2014

Wish on a Star!

Divya had planned a holiday at Kerala for her husband Dev & herself for the New Year. They had been members of a reputed Resort-Chain and were eligible to holiday for a week every year. However, Dev was a busy software professional, who hardly had any time for holidays. Consequently, their holidays needed to be used up lest they should lapse.

It was 29th December 2013 and they had a train to catch from Bengaluru that would take them to Trivandrum. From there they had to travel to Ashtamudi Resort in Backwaters, Kerala, where they had the booking from 30th December onwards. Divya had been looking forward to this trip from the past four months, ever since she had booked it! 

But, that morning…

Dev: I am sorry but I can’t travel today. You need to cancel the holidays… There’s this delegation from on-site and we have meetings scheduled…

Divya: What do you mean by cancel? The holidays will lapse if we don’t go. They won’t give us a re-credit as the check-in is tomorrow. You can’t do this to me. You are always working and only have time for office…

Dev: Listen, don’t tell me anything. You are also forever busy working on your computer. You don’t even have time for yourself… Look at your chipped nail polish!
Divya: That’s because I have been working very hard for my Blog. But, I don’t neglect my house-work. I prepare your favorite food and perform all my duties! And here you can’t even do what I want, that too for just a couple of days in the whole year!

Dev: See, I have no time for arguments. I have to leave for office.

Divya: Even I have no time. I have a train to catch!

Dev gave Divya a ‘I-bet-you-can-never-do-this’ look and left for office.

Divya’s mind was made up as she started for the holidays on her own. She didn't want her awesome holiday plans to go awry.

With confirmed train-ticket, pre-arranged pick-up and drop services, advanced holiday-reservation at a 5-star resort… what else did she need? 

She needed Dev...

But, if he is too busy to come, then she can’t help it…

Divya boarded the train & reached Trivandrum the next morning. The Resort had sent a cab to pick her up from the Railway-station. 

As they neared the Resort, she suddenly noticed that all the houses had ‘Stars’. 

Self-Clicked at Kerala
Christmas was over but the celebration was still on. 

Divya always loved Stars.

Divya asked the driver to stop the car. She got down and started taking photos of the Stars in the houses in the lane.

Self-Clicked at Kerala!
An elderly woman approached Divya and started conversing in Malayalam.

“Perhaps, she is mistaking me for a localite, who knows the native language!” Divya reasoned.

Some more women had joined in and were busy chatting with Divya in Malayalam!

“Malayalam, Illey!” Divya said trying to mean ‘I don’t know Malayalam!’

From the Hindi-movie, Chennai Express, Divya knew that ‘Illey’ means ‘No’ in Tamil. But, does it mean the same in Malayalam language too? 

Divya knew the universal language of ‘Smile’- that communicates with all human-beings across the world.

Divya smiled and so did the women.

Divya loved the stars in their eyes.

She waved them bye as she boarded the car. From the rear-view-mirror, Divya could still see the women smiling and waving. They continued to do so till her car escaped their view…

The Resort was lovely. 

When the courteous staff at the Reception was looking for the ‘Member’, Divya politely informed them that she, the co-Member, had come alone as the member was busy with his office!

There were a lot of activities planned for the year-end at the Resort.

Seeing the other happy-families & couples enjoying together, Divya felt a deep sense of her life being amiss… 

She was missing Dev terribly.

It was the New Year’s eve. 

Divya had decided to spend it at her room rather than go to the Poolside-Party and feel incomplete.

She wished on a Star- that Dev was also here with her! 

Someone rang the door-bell.

Divya answered the door.

What an awesome surprise to find Dev!

“What? New Year’s eve & my pretty wife isn’t ready to welcome the New Year as yet? Let me freshen up and we can attend the Party for the Couples! You get ready too!”

Dev held Divya’s hands. He noticed the neat, bright red nail polish!


Both of them smiled and their eyes shone like stars!

“Welcome to God’s Own Country!” Divya said.

Dev had boarded an early-morning bus from Bengaluru and had reached Kerala just in time to spend time & the rest of the holidays with Divya!

As they enjoyed at the Party & wished one another at the stroke of midnight, Divya thanked her Stars. 

Though the rear-view-mirror images were different, Divya was happy with the present view and thought, “What an awesome way to end the old year & to begin the new year!”

Self-Clicked at Kerala!

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  1. Haha, you so love Bollywood right?

    Your posts are always a treat to read :)

    1. Thank you so much, Soumya!
      Yes, indeed, I'm a HUGE Bollywood fan. somehow, Bollywood creeps into my Posts! :)
      I must say the same about your comments- they are awesome!
      New Year wishes :)

  2. Anita...You wrote a story set in native place. So lovely story.

    And yes what you said is right. Irrespective of religion we in Kerala enjoy the christmas celebrations and the stars will be on display from Christmas till they get worn out by rain or pulled down by the kids!!

    I loved the story and the double use of the prompt words...So nicely written.

    1. Thanks Preethi for the appreciation! I love your support :)
      Yes, I wrote about Kerala coz I was there this Christmas :) I really enjoyed my holidays there. I clicked lots of pics of Stars & was starry-eyed :)

  3. Such a beautiful story, Anita! So wonderfully written, I absolutely love happy endings! And those bollywood styled too :) I am so glad for Divya and Dev, seems like they are a match made in the heavenly stars!

    Happy new year and one more thing - That's YOU towards the left in the Femina mag cover, right? WOW! That's awesome, congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Arti :) Delighted that you liked! We share much in common then- love for Travel & Bollywood & Happy Endings :)

      Yes, that's me indeed! You have rightly picked me out from the Teen Deviyan on the Femina cover :) (published last year!) Thanks a lot!
      New Year wishes to you too :)

  4. Good one, somehow I knew it will have happy ending. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani! Proves what a positive person you are & also that you have a great sixth-sense! :) (Or perhaps you know that I'll have a happy ending for sure!)

  5. Nice story there...! I too agree with Soumya's point, we've got a bollywood lover here...

    1. Thanks Priyanka for the love & the recognition :) What more can a Bollywood fan ask for ?!

  6. Malayalam Ariyilla! :P I'm a Keralite :D

    1. Thanks for the info, Anil.
      Illey in Tamil & Ariyilla in Malayalam.

      Actually, the incident with the local women is what really happened with me when I was at Kerala this Christmas! I felt proud that everyone thought I 'belonged' to Kerala! I felt that's a huge compliment!

  7. That's a such a sweet and happy ending. And I know in all your posts there is a mention of a Bollywood movie or else 'Post Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost' :-) Brilliant story. Glad that Dev and Divya could celebrate New Year together :) Happy New Year Anita :)

    1. Thanks Prasanna! Kya Dialogue maara mere dost! :)
      Delighted that it appealed to you.
      BTW, I'm still under the effect of your WOW story. Your Split Personality - Whodunnit tale is really powerful like Manjulika (Vidya Balan) of 'Bhool Bhullaiya' Hindi-movie!
      New Year Wishes to you too :)

  8. Written very interestingly.

    1. Thanks Rajesh :) Knew you'd like the Travel angle!

  9. Beautiful post Anita. My favourite is,"Though the rear- view -mirror images were different, Divya was happy with the present view."

    1. Thanks Geeta for reading & sharing! Glad you liked it!
      That's a nice sentence you picked. Shows positive spirit! We should be happy with the present view and make the most of the situation :)

  10. great story. enjoyed reading :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by & reading, Viditi! Delighted you liked it! Do visit often :)

  11. Hellow. My name is Ase[ Haryono from Indonesia

    I come across your blog from website. I have seen this article were very informative and full of information about many things. Very interesting part here is "personal" link in which I can view your handsome hubby. Very cool.
    I have followed this blog, and hopefully we can follow each other
    Greetings from Indonesia

    Asep Haryono

    1. Thank you so much Asep :) I am delighted that you found my Blog interesting. My hubby will be pleased to see your compliment :)
      Heading to your Blog now :)
      Greetings to you and your family too :)

  12. Loved the happy ending..Nicely written :-)

  13. Thanks a lot Ashwini! It's a great compliment for a huge Bollywood fan like me :)
    Welcome to my Blog! Please visit often :)

  14. awww..hahaha..MY KERALA!!! Lovely post anita!! I liked how she found time to paint those nails!
    btw how wasn't I following ur blog till now? :O I thought I was.

    1. Thanks Red! Sometimes, there are many things unsaid...
      Glad that Divya knew what Dev wanted- painted nails!
      And Dev knew what Divya wanted- Holidays & togetherness!
      Wish we all knew what we want and got love & support from our better-halves!

      Thanks a lot for following my Blog :) Honored :)
      BTW, Hum to tere Follower hain sadiyon puraane :)

  15. Awww thats so cute! I hope he continues to surprise her like this forever and ever :D

    1. Thanks Pooja :) That's such an awesome wish!
      I hope all couples of the world get to experience such bliss! ):

  16. Very impressive style of writing....awesome post!!

    1. Welcome to my Blog, Ashish! Delighted that you liked my story. Do visit often :)

  17. Hi :)
    Here is the third liebster award for you :D

    1. Anmol, Heartiest Congrats to you!
      Thanks for sharing your award with me! Very honored :)
      Actually, I need to check the # of this nth Award... Have some prior ones to claim & then I'll accept your Lovely Award... :) Thanks again!
      Keep winning more :)

  18. Beautiful romance story about faith and love. Good that Divya went alone and followed her heart, or else how would both of them enjoy the best time of their life:)


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