Monday 13 January 2014

My Hair Story!

When I had not got married, my Mom used to take very good care of my hair... My Mom religiously applied oil, combed and neatly plaited my hair when I was in School. 

I used to sport two very thick plaits to School.

There was this Senior girl named Saira, who had recently arrived from the Gulf, and had joined in Class XI in our School. She was 2 years senior to me. Saira didi sat in the first row in our School-bus, just in front of me and my friend, Tamanna. As I have already shared in my Post- Memories of My Friend, Tamanna & I used to sing Hindi Film-songs in our School-bus. 

Saira didi had a boys-cut and she was desperately trying to grow her hair longer. That explained why she put clips everywhere on her hair and tried to make a forced ponytail at the back! 

When Saira didi’s ponytail started growing at an amazing rate, we announced, “Saira didi, You know, your hair is growing so fast as we are singing songs everyday in the bus! Our music is working like magic on your hair! See, your hair is growing & shining!” 

Saira didi didn’t appreciate our sense of humour! She gave us a puzzled look and said, “But, I am using the very best for my hair- an egg a day!”

Sometimes, my mom also used to apply egg- a rich-source of protein- on my hair. I used to hate the smell but I liked my hair’s luster, bounce & touch post egg-therapy.

Mom also applied a number of natural products on my hair to energize it.

Later, I discovered different shampoos with different ingredients, suited for different hair-types… 

Best is that all the shampoos smell divine!
Also leave my hair feeling energized, healthy & fine!

Now when I saw the topic- Recharge your hair & Recharge your life I remembered my hair-related stories!

Good healthy hair is a sign of good health and proper nutrition.

Now Mom is no longer with me, to take care of my food or hair… I am responsible for myself apart from caring for many others! 

I want to recharge my hair and recharge my life as good hair-

  1. Is great to display!
  2. Looks wonderful in the real life as well as the photographs too!
  3. Makes me feel confident!
  4. Earns me compliments!
  5. Proves that ‘ALL IS WELL’ on my health front!

I want my hair’s shiny glow to never go!
I wanna let my hair down, look great & glow!

I really want to make my hair look picture-perfect, don’t you?


  1. so agree ,
    moms took really good care ,
    now that am on my own ,
    the oiling is out of question and the food is all junk.
    effects have started to show :(

    cute post ,
    honest ,
    all the best !

    1. Thanks a lot, Disha for your appreciation & wish :)
      We so miss our Mom's care after marriage! :)
      Best wishes for the contest to you too, dear :)

  2. I think you'll look lovely still with your two plaits :)
    And yes good hair means good heath for sure!
    All the best fr the contest :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing, Canary :)
      Wish I still looked lovely with my 2 plaits! Now I just get to make 1 plait whose thickness is just one-fourth that of my earlier plait... Hair need rescue! :)
      Best wishes to you too :)

  3. Egg had bad effect on my hair. Btw, an egg a day :D

    Good luck, Anita.

    1. Still remember the egg-smells! :)
      Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao Andey, may be true for the body, not for the hair!
      Else the smells will give everyone a scare!!! :)
      Best of luck to you too, Saru :)

  4. All the very best for the contest :)

  5. Compliments, confidence and cute photographs ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
    How we women love all of them !
    Sunsilk is surely a savior !
    Mast post ! :D

    1. Yes, Nisa! All this make life worth living as they recharge our life! :)
      Thanks for your sweet words :) Best wishes to you too :D

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Kimi for stopping by & reading :) Do visit often :)

  7. great post, good luck :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing :) Luck needed :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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