Tuesday 15 February 2022

War And Peace- Some Questions

Kipling said he kept six honest serving men-

With names- What, Why, How, Where, Who, When!

Seeing the present world’s grave situation now,

I remember the six & ask these Qs anyhow-

Why do we do all what we passionately do?

Why do we get the ideas? Have any clue?

Who decides that a country has to go to war?

Who makes the military tanks & troops go far?

Source: Forbes

How can the chaos stop & the rulers realize?

How will they focus on the truth & stop the lies?

When will all wisely start minding their business?

When will all use words like- peace, joy, bless…?

Where can we allow the safety of human values?

Where can we receive love, trust, & good news? 

What stops mankind from being their best version?

What makes some create storm & threaten with their action?

The six honest serving men can serve the queries.

But, are all ready with the answers & to pay the fees? 

If not, then is the world consciously making the choice? 

If we hold our tongue about war, they hear our supportive voice. 

For the Russia-Ukraine crisis presently faced by our world.

Linking with the Poets & Storytellers United- bone, night, tell-tale, rhyme, tongue, storm, dirt, moon, chaos, winter, echo, howl, forest.

What do you feel about the present world situation?


  1. I don't think Russia will invade Ukraine. It is just a show off to make Ukraine drop the idea of joining NATO.

    1. May your words come true.
      Hope there is no invasion or war. We want world peace.

  2. Excellent questions! I fear we are not yet advanced enough to make good answers en masse.

    I only hope the reaction of the US and others (like my own country, Australia) does not have the effect of driving the Russians into war, like calling their bluff.

  3. Powerful questions in poetic form. The rhyme scheme makes this even more effective. This is a lovely call for peace.

  4. War is a terrible and complex beast. One that leaves the world emptier and filthier after it's done. I really hope that the the situation can be solved without fired and blood and loss. But countries, like people, don't react well when poked. And there has been a considerable amount of poking lately.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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